Your Desired Manifestation is Happening

I cannot begin to tell you how much frustration I have created inside myself for lack of patience and trust that what I desire, the manifestation I so want, is actually happening.

The path of a conscious co-creative life with the Universe can often from our human side of things look like nothing’s happening or that it’s taking way to freakin’ long!

I have to remind myself, and I remind you, that you are always in the process of a manifestation. You are always in the unfolding.

So what are you supposed to do as your manifestation is unfolding…

–>You can go about living and enjoying the life you are living.

–>You can drop any resistant emotions around your desired manifestation. (I like to use EFT Tapping, journaling, yoga and essential oils to release any negative feeling emotions and energy.)

–>You can take joyful, inspired actions in support of your desire.

–>You can embody the feelings of your desired manifestation. What does having your manifestation feel like? Well, go ahead and feel it now. Don’t deny yourself powerful, positive energy just because you don’t have “it” yet.

The thing about manifesting is that once you receive your desired manifestation another desire pops up and the co-creative process of your life continues.

This cycle is happening for EVERYONE around you all the time. You just happen to be conscious enough to know that manifestation is something you can actively co-create. And that’s awesome for you!

So relax a bit and KNOW your desire is unfolding and your job is to stay in alignment with your desire and to take actions towards it!

It is happening! You wouldn’t have the desire for this manifestation if it weren’t meant to be experienced by you!

Stick with the process! -joanne

PS…If you keep tripping up over manifesting your desire, I can help you get clear. It’s one of my favorite things to help people with! Click HERE to book a free chat with me!

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