You Have an Incredible Body Sister!

“Help me be a loving ally to this sacred form.”

Body love and acceptance is having an influence on our culture. Yet most of us have spent the majority of our life comparing ourselves negatively to the ideal images we’ve been plastered with.

Air brushed women without scars, blemishes, crooked teeth, moles, spider veins, dry skin, cellulite, belly fat, wide hips or split ends pose all over our billboards and magazines.

The truth is REAL women (and girls) have some of all the above and personally, I’m done feeling bad about it.

You may think this doesn’t affect you because you do love yourself but it can be a sneaky thought virus.

Just recently, I declared this vision: I intend to look and feel my best and healthiest.

While this sounds like a positive, supportive vision, I found myself not measuring up to becoming this best and healthiest version. Inwardly criticizing my body and myself for having extra body fat. Chastising myself for not having willpower and control. And spending way too much energy not appreciating the body I have.

Yesterday I was out walking and a gush of gratitude came over me as I took each step experiencing my body as a gift.

The gift that my body can do all sorts of things some other bodies yearn to do.

The gift that my body is mine and it’s mine to love on, take care of and to honor through the way that I eat, move, breathe, speak and view myself.

It took this shift in perspective to see the magnificence of my body. I think I’ll change my intention to simply honoring the body I’ve been given and to allow my daily choices to reflect that intention.

Nothing to measure up to.

No better or healthier version of me.

Just me, as I am, honoring the body I’ve been blessed to inhabit.

The body that has created two lives and the body that continues to support mine.

I have an incredible body and so do you, my sister.


PS…I enjoy pulling cards and this card is one I pulled within hours of my walk. It’s from the Wild Offering Oracle deck by Tosha Silver. The cards feel like special messages from the Universe. You can get your own deck here.

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