Why I QUIT Having Awkward Conversations With Strangers About My Biz, and what I do now instead

This guy looks awkward! lol

This guy looks awkward! lol

If you are reading this then I know you feel me!!

Having awkward conversations with strangers is like the #2 tip to build your network marketing business.

And of course, the #1 tip is to have awkward conversations with your friends and family.

I love talking but dang do I hate trying to talk someone into something or sell them on something.

In the past, I had my hands in many network marketing businesses all with little to no success because I’m an introvert and I’m not salesy or pushy.

So let me give you a laugh….

Here’s my old scenario when it came to sharing my business:

So I joined “such and such” company.  Told a few of my friends.  And then I basically sat around hoping they would jump on my bandwagon just because they could see the potential for themselves too.

Of course this was without me ever actually sitting down with them to talk business because it’s awkward talking business with my friends and family.  Heck some of them have wiped my ass, ya think they are gonna join a business with me?  (Disclosure…none of my friends have ever had to wipe my ass!)

Then it gets funnier, when social media came on scene especially these last few years I blew up my friend’s newsfeed with selfies and subtle (not so subtle) hints about what products I was promoting.

Now if you are currently on social media doing this I want you to know that I do not judge you, you are not doing something “wrong”.  It is a way to build your business.  I want you to do what works for you and feels good to you.

Posting selfies and dropping hints about my products or biz opportunity did not feel authentic to me so I had to find another way because I was unwilling to give up on my dreams!

So moving on…

Here’s my new scenario when it comes to sharing my business:

I built a brand (Brand Me!).

I offer value to my audience.

I have a clear message when I share.

I use REAL marketing strategies that have people contacting me about my biz.

I have a system that I lead others through to their success!

Let me tell you that this way feels a Ton More Authentic and real to me and it has me getting up every morning EXCITED to see who has REACHED OUT TO ME!

Every day I ask myself, “Who is this super cool person that I’ve never met reaching out to me today about my offer?!”  It’s a great question to have to ask yourself! 

My conversations are now centered around HOW I CAN HELP YOU versus how I can get you to enroll in my biz.

If you are tired of having those awkward conversations I invite you to check out my 40-min training on my New School Network Marketing Success System..  

This training is all about having people contact you about your offer.  

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Cheers to no more awkward conversations with strangers!

JoAnne Schaub all pinked out












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