We’re Expecting!

by JoAnne on June 26, 2013

Maternity Photo 300x203 Were Expecting!

JoAnne – 30 weeks prego!

Yes!  We’re Expecting! 


We are expecting our first baby this July.  :)  Our 20-week ultrasound tells us it is a boy.

So we’ve been in expectation and preparation mode for sure….well, at least I have.

All this preparing has got me thinking about what else I am expecting and preparing for and wondering what you are expecting and preparing for!

One of the most frequent things I share with my clients (and remind myself) is that We Get What We Expect.  One of the surest ways to show our belief and faith in what we would like to create and receive in our life is to prepare the way.  You need to show the Universe that you believe by taking actions and preparing for whatever it is you want in your life.

I realize that preparing for some things are easier than others.  Like preparing for a baby.  It’s pretty easy to guess what we as parents might need to jump into parenthood.

Where I have gotten tripped up and where I find my clients get tripped up is in the preparing for something we are not sure how to create.  Guess what!  It does not matter!  That’s right!

Being in motion signals to the Universe that you believe in what you are expecting to receive.  And our belief is one of our most powerful tools.

Our beliefs create everything in our life.  Our beliefs about what we are capable of and about what life is about is how the things that are brought into our lives show up.

That can be a hard one to swallow.  But we really are responsible for what does and does not show up in our physical reality.  If we believe it is possible then it is.

So what are you believing in, expecting and preparing for?  I’d love to know!  -joanne


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Crissy Rollins June 27, 2013 at 12:05 pm

Im believing, expecting & preparing to continue serving as many others as possible while being an extremely involved new parent & primary care-taker of my daughter. I believe I can & will attract the right clients & situations in order to do so <3


Laurel Archer June 27, 2013 at 8:01 pm

Your thoughts here remind me of the book I just read, “Who Moved My Cheese?” The BEST ways to plan for change is to be LOOKING for it or at least prepared for it. And, no matter what the reason for the change, try to embrace it as “new cheese” and a new opportunity to experience something new, not something unwanted or bad. I always try to make the best of everything so that helps me since my life is so up and down owning my own business and getting through a divorce. NEW CHEESE is GOOD! :)


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