Tapping into Infinite Abundance + Intelligence

What if you had infinite abundance and resources?

You do!

And I’m pretty sure you weren’t taught this either!

We’ve been taught that our abundance comes from clients and employers.

And….that is true to a degree.  Clients and employers do write the checks.

However, the Universe is the source.  Ever wonder where opportunity comes from?

It may look like money and opportunities come through people, they do, but the Universe is the source of that money and opportunity.

If you choose to take this perspective shift you open up to the infinite abundance that is available to you.

Your clients and employers are just TWO channels for money to funnel through.  ONLY TWO.

What if you intentionally opened up more channels for the Universe to serve your abundance?  I challenge you right now to think of five or more channels for money and abundance to flow through.

As you intentionally open physical channels you give the Universe more options and this tapping session will help you energetically align with your Infinite Abundance.

Let’s make that happen!  Let’s tap you into your source!  -joanne

PS…Wanna brainstorm on channels you can open up?  Hit me up for a FREE discovery call HERE!



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