Surrender + Let Go of Control

We have power over our thoughts, feelings and the actions we take but we don’t always have power over what shows up in our life.

This tapping session focuses on surrendering and letting go of control when we find ourselves in resistance to what is happening.

Ever find yourself not liking what life is delivering?

Me too!

One other tool I use for emotional release is essential oils.  This tapping session I also use Surrender essential oil blend by Young Living.  It’s made up of lavender, lemon, black spruce, roman chamomile, angelica root, mountain savory and matricaria.  Its aromas help cast off inhibitions that may be controlling your life or limiting your potential.

Let’s use this tapping session to access the space of trust and surrender so we can be more at ease with the unfolding of life as it is.

Surrender supports you in being in the flow of life and you deserve to feel the flow! -joanne


PS…Letting go is a gift you can give yourself!  If you need support, please reach out for a FREE discovery call HERE.



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