Return to Peace, Love & Light

return to peaceI used to be all peace, love and light before I had kids.

I used to meditate and practice yoga, take hour-long walks, and talk with my hubby and my friends without being interrupted.

I used to make green smoothies, have free time, not feel so much guilt, and feel like I somewhat had it together.

And I thought having kids wouldn’t change MY life all that much.


No parent ever told me how DEMANDING the role of mother would be (or if they did I DIDN’T LISTEN)!!!

Maybe we feel guilty for thinking the role is overwhelming and too demanding so we don’t share.  We just say, “it’s all worth it” to justify the craziness we feel so often!

If I could go back in time I would still choose to become a mother to my two lovely, crazy-at-times kids.

Yet what I’ve come to realize for myself is that being a parent brings up the shit that is still left to heal.

Since having kids I have lost a healthy, internal balance and so this is it, my journey and my return to peace, love and light while living with children and a hubby in mainstream America.

I hope you’ll be inspired as I continue to share my journey.  This is my personal experience and not a blanket recommendation for what I think you should do.

My first step in this journey is to bring back meditation to my life.  So, let me get to it, right now!

Ok…I did 4 minutes.  That’s a start.  Now, to do this several times a day!

And here’s the meditation I listened to as I sat in stillness.

abundant blessings, -joanne

PS…If you have kids you might need to meditate too! One of the things I love to do is lead guided meditations. If you want one reach out to me and I can guide you. It will be on me…the first session is always on me and you can set it up HERE!



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