Release Fears of What Others Think with EFT

I noticed someone gave me a thumbs down on this video when I was writing this blog to go along with it.


Negative judgement is one of the top reasons we fear what others think because deep down we all want to feel loved and accepted. 

Unfortunately, love and positivity don’t lead every action each human on this planet takes.

And for those of you putting your message and opinions out to your friends, family or even the internet you have to be ready for the positive and negative feedback.

When you can let go of what others think their opinion, good or bad, doesn’t affect you to the point where your ego feeds off of it or your ego feels destroyed by it.

Use this tapping session to release the fear of what others will say when you say or do what feels right to you.  And remember, others people’s judgments say more about them than they do you.

Let’s tap on it!  -joanne


PS…What you have to say matters and you shouldn’t let fear of what others will think get in the way of you expressing the true you! If you need some help getting to that space, reach out to me for a FREE discovery call HERE!



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