Release Anger with Essential Oils + EFT

Feeling angry is okay.

There are times in your life when you should feel angry.

However, getting stuck in anger limits joy you could be experiencing. 

And we all deserve to feel joy!

If you’ve got something going on in your life that you are pissed about then this tapping session will assist you in feeling it fully and then releasing it so that YOU can move forward!

In this session, I’m using Purification essential oil blend by Young Living to assist in releasing anger.  Purification is made up of citronella, rosemary, lemongrass, tea tree, lavandin and myrtle.  It’s intended for purifying your environment but it’s also great for purifying your liver.

In this video I take you through all the emotional points on your body to help release anger with the assistance of essential oils.  Then we’ll move into a tapping session to fully release the anger you are feeling around a specific person or situation.

It’s time to release that shit!  😉 -joanne


PS…We are meant to feel all our emotions, but getting stuck in them is where we do ourselves a big disservice. If you’d like support in releasing anger or any emotion you are carrying and can’t seem to shake on your own, reach out to me for a FREE discovery call HERE!



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