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I would love to partner with you!

If you are a Holistic Chic, Yoga Teacher or Holistic Coach and you want to impact thousands online by sharing your holistic passions, you are so in the right place!

If you live in America then you are well aware of the critical need for healthier living.

The average person does NOT know the things we know about the dangers of eating too much processed food, or using aluminum foil, or using fluoride and it’s up to you and me to share what we know.

It’s not about pressuring people or making people feel wrong for their choices, it’s just simply to share what we know for the greater good of everyone.

And the internet and social media have made getting our message out there and business building way easier than ever before!

With the internet, the global market is at your fingertips (literally!).

And people are yearning to do business with YOU {a real person} not companies.  People want to support local businesses and entrepreneurs!

Lucky you!  

It’s the PERFECT TIMING for YOUR online holistic business!

And it’s perfect timing to affiliate yourself with products that earn you money while you change people’s lives!

Aligning yourself with an affiliate company or network marketing company makes business building and expansion much simpler!

Chillin' in my home office.

Chillin’ in my home office.

Many of us do not have the desire, time or money to invest in product research and development.

With an affiliate or network marketing business, you do not have to do any research beyond researching the company and their practices to see if it’s a fit for you.

They do the manufacturing work, you do the sharing!

Yes, I said sharing!  There’s no pressure to sell anything and you don’t have to be an experienced salesperson.

Heck, you share stuff all the time (like the other day I ate some sweet potato chips and I had to tell everyone about them. lol  That’s selling, but I didn’t get paid anything for that!)

And I’ll show you how to share online so you’ll have people coming to you for your business.  There’s no need to harass family and friends to jump on your bandwagon!


Still reading?  Awesome!

Let’s talk about working together then.

Here’s what you get when you work with me!

`Access to leadership that gives simple strategies for online promotion.

`Products that are easy to promote in-person and online.

`A proven system that you can start right away.

`A stable company.

`Products you most likely already buy and currently don’t earn income from!  Let’s change that!

`Products that have massive appeal in our marketplace.

`A company culture that will increase your confidence.

`A low start-up investment, $50-$100ish in monthly products (optional).

`Me as your sponsor and right hand woman!

set goals

Let’s talk about your goals!

It’s important to know WHAT you want and even more important to know WHY you want it.

I’m ready to hear what you want and why you want.  And I’m ready to partner with you in the journey to creating and receiving it!

Imagine what you can create with another Holistic Goddess Entrepreneur on your side!  Let’s Do This!!!

Still here!?  Awesome!

It’s time to chat!  

Let’s Connect!

email:  joanne {at} or 919-896-1770

JoAnne Schaub