My Love Hate Relationship with Network Marketing

For years I’ve had a love hate relationship with network marketing.  These days I am more on the love side of it but for years I really battled with enjoying the industry.  Let me explain a little…

Why I love network marketing:

I love supporting companies that invest in their people.

I love the limitless potential.

I love working with other positive, goal-oriented people.

I love many of the products these companies create.

I love entrepreneurship and the self-development required to succeed.

I love how people’s lives are changed for the better and the impact that can be made.


Why I hate network marketing:

I hate making a list of 100 friends and family to share about my business.

I hate trying to sell my friends on why they should join or buy.

I hate being invited to sales presentations and parties (well, not all parties).

Why I REALLY Love Network Marketing today:

I love the network marketing industry today because it is ripe for a change.  For years, we’ve seen the typical marketing model of tell everyone you know and eventually people will join or buy.  That model still works today but that way is not for everyone.

Today we have the internet and the ability to reach people who are truly looking for a home business opportunity.  There’s less “pitching” involved and now it’s more of a conversation that takes place about what I offer and if it’s a match for what you are looking for.

Now, you can choose how you share your network marketing business.  You can tell everyone you know, you can shoot videos and post on social media, you can blog about it, you can even Instagram it.

Whatever way you feel called to share!  There really is no limit!

Are you in a love hate relationship with network marketing?!

Vent about it….lol!  Comment below!










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