Mothers Wellness Mini Retreat

Hey Mommas! Everyday you give to your children and it’s time to give a bit to yourself!

Fill your cup and rejuvenate! Ummmm….Yesssss!

Come feel welcomed into a community with your fellow moms who are in the thick of it with you!

More than ever in our lives we need time for ourselves and time with our tribe of mothers. The long ago village that supported the raising of our children is no longer here to lean on.

I’d like to bring that village-feel back, even if only for a few hours, to a space where we feel connected and where I can provide you with simple tools to support you everyday in the challenges of motherhood and life.

Join us in this empowered space where you’ll experience what THRIVING as a woman and mother feels like (and see how you are already rocking it!).

Mothers Wellness Mini Retreats will continue throughout the year to create connection, support and empowerment within our tribe.

Come dressed for comfort as you will be guided through a gentle yoga practice, meditation and seated discussion circle.

Details for next mini-retreat HERE!

I wanna see you there! 🙂