Master Manifesting

You know the saying “get out of your own way”?

Or the manifesting principle of “Ask, Allow and Receive”?

Or the teaching that your thoughts and feelings become the things in your life?

For years these teachings eluded me.  I couldn’t figure out how to get out of my own way and I certainly couldn’t figure out how to just ask for what I want, allow it and then receive it!

What has come to me is that…

spiritual life coachingyour heart’s desires, your soul’s callings, your biggest dreams, are all messages from your Intuition giving you a glimpse into what’s to come.

A glimpse of what’s next for you and what you are ready to allow and receive in your life.

Did you get that?!  Your desires are your Intuition giving you a glimpse into what you are ready to receive!

So you really don’t need to make anything happen or try to manifest anything. 

What you need to do is drop your fears and meet the Universe out there so she can work her magic!

B U T   H O W  ? ?

Let’s talk about the 3 steps to manifesting that we’ve learned from one of the most well-known teachers on manifesting and the law of attraction, Abraham.

The 3 steps to manifesting are:  Ask. Allow. Receive.

So yeh, you don’t really need to ask for what you want.  The Universe already knows!  It’s the One that planted your desires within you.  So the only reason you need to ask, is just so that you are clear!

Once you are clear on what it is you want become aware of what feelings come up when you think about that desire.

And your feelings go hand-in-hand with allowing.  Your feelings don’t create your reality, they either allow or repel what’s destined to be yours.

So when you think of your desire, what feelings come up?  Anxiety, fear, confusion, overwhelm?  Those types of feelings block you from allowing, which in turn keeps you from actively co-creating with the Universe!

And the way that you actively co-create and get into a space of receiving is to take inspired, joyful actions.  The Universe works her magic as you are out in the world doing your thing…you know, the things you enjoy and the things that are in line with your heart’s desires.

So it’s not your job to manifest and make things happen. 

It’s your job to follow the signs and drop the resistance!

—–>Your job is to feel what comes up within you when you think of your desire, release any kind of resistant emotions (aka get out of your own way) and take joyful, inspired actions to actively co-create with the Universe.

spiritual life coachingCould you use some support in clearing those internal blocks and allowing your desire to manifest?!!

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Now, let’s get to manifesting what your soul desires!

We’re gonna create some crazy, awesome magic together!  -joanne

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