Intuitive + Essential Oil Card Reading

If you are looking for guidance or for insight in an area of your life, in intuitive readinga relationship or in a specific situation, let’s bring our collective energy together and channel Divine Guidance through the Fairy cards.

To me, tarot cards are a fun and insightful way to receive guidance from your loving Source.

I’m not psychic and this reading isn’t to predict your future.  What we’ll create together is space to receive insight that is already present within you.  As we come together we give these insights a space to surface.

Once the Reading is complete, I’ll suggest an Chakra Oil Blend specifically for you that will support what came forward in your session.



Here’s a sample Fairy Card and the further insight.

intuitive reading

intuitive reading







Intuitive Readings take place on the phone or over Zoom.

Sessions are 30 minutes.

$45 per session which includes the Intuitive Reading and One Essential Oil Chakra Blend {I’ll mail it to you after the session}.

Book your session on my calendar HERE.


Super stoked for this!  :)  -joanne

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