I like to say fuck a lot

I like to say what the fuck, and fuck that, and shit, and badass, and motherfucker but I will not say the c word.

And I say all of these words with my kids around. Some may say that’s a fucked up parenting style but it works for me and my kids know they are grown up words.

I also like to say Goddess, and the Universe and Source and Divine Nature and my kids hear these words too.

I have decided as a parent to allow my kids to see the real me and to show them it’s okay to express yourself in the ways you find meaningful or even colorful! I have chosen not to hide aspects of myself from my kids and even you.

I’ve also chosen to keep my intimate life between my husband and a few close friends, though, so we won’t be going too far there! lol

What the fuck is my point?

Well what I’m aiming to say is that it’s perfectly okay to express yourself in the way that you want to express yourself. Self-expression sets us apart and also links us together with others who express themselves similarly.

Like, I’m holistic and spiritual as fuck and some people really vibe with that and some people don’t. The people that do vibe with that hire me as their coach, come to my yoga classes and befriend me. The people that don’t just move on and find who they vibe with.

Self-expression is one of the keys to unlocking your most fulfilling life.

If you are hiding behind too many masks you’ll forget who you truly are and then who the fuck knows where you’ll find yourself and what you’ll end up doing with your days.

You came here to express this AMAZING version of you so don’t dim your light. Let your weirdness shine so us other weirdos can find you!!!

Like a beacon of light….I’m here! -joanne

PS…Expressing your most authentic self can be scary if you’ve been holding yourself back. Let’s chat about it, I can help push you over the edge!

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