How I Discovered Tapping – EFT

Or rather how Tapping found me…

…in crisis facing possible separation from my husband.

August 23, 1997

Dan and I were 13 years into our relationship (10 married) and things had gone south.

I yearned for deeper connection, greater adventure and more shared goals.

I was a non-typical chic living a typical life and I was getting restless!

Life looked decent on the outside but inside was a different story. I felt like I was wasting precious time. I felt like my relationship had gotten into a rut and I couldn’t continue as it was.

“Honey, I think we should get divorced.”

If anyone has ever had to say these words you know the cyclone of emotions that come with it, the doubts, the what if’s and all the fears of an unknown future without the once love of your life.

My hubby’s response was shock.

And because of his great sense of loyalty, love for me and willingness to change he made space for me to see possibility in staying together.

We went on to do three things that pivoted our relationship and life forever.

  1. We read and started applying the Five Love Languages.
  2. We signed ourselves up in a Mastermind class series.
  3. We hired a Spiritual Life Coach and began counseling.

My friend Melanie and I did a whole podcast on the Five Love Languages, check that out here. It’s all about giving and receiving love in ways that suit both partners.

The Mastermind class was an 8 week study and application of Think and Grow Rich lead by a dynamic facilitator who guided us to go for a big dream together (more on that dream over here).

And lastly, our Spiritual Life Coach was the one who helped us peel back the layers and release old patterns with Tapping.

Tapping is a practice that helps release emotional patterns. We all have emotional patterns that we received from the role models in our life and we now operate from these patterns without conscious effort.

The patterns are stored in the subconscious mind; the mind that controls the functions of our body and everything we’ve learned thus far on this life journey.

Think back to when you were learning to drive a car and how much conscious effort it took. Within a few months, driving became second nature and required little conscious effort. That’s how you can now end up driving places and not really remembering all the actions and turns you made to get there.

August 23, 2018

Back to our counseling…our Spiritual Life Coach helped us identify subconscious patterns that were damaging to our relationship.

Once these were identified, we could then release them through tapping. From that clear space we were able to then CHOOSE new ways of being and that eventually became habits (subconscious patterns).

That was in 2007 and since then I’ve used tapping off and on to release what no longer serves me. In 2018 I began using EFT (Tapping) with my coaching clients.

I’ve tapped hundred of times since and use this as one of my main tools for releasing patterns and imprinting new ones with myself and clients.

If you are curious about tapping I’ve made a few tapping sessions, you can check out that video playlist here.

Tapping found me at my lowest and now I use it to be at my highest!

It’s a practice worth exploring for releasing habits and patterns that no longer serve you (or ever did serve you)!  -joanne


PS…I offer 1:1 tapping sessions for releasing patterns, you can check that out here. If you want take it further, book a FREE discovery call with me HERE and you can get a little taste of tapping with me!



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