Heart Centered Money Flow

money flowI believe it’s possible to create abundant income flow as you live your passions in life and with your work.

Unfortunately, our culture has instilled in many of us that creating a thriving income isn’t easy or enjoyable and that it’s actually hard to do from something you love.  How crazy, right?!

Many of us have spent way too much precious time in work situations that don’t light us up or have us jumping out of bed each morning!

Creating income flow from your passions doesn’t have to be a struggle.

It just takes conscious attention to release the patterns that have us feeling stuck or in the struggle.

Heart Centered Money Flow is about transforming patterns so that money can flow with ease and consistency in your life through the ways that light you up!

I offer 1:1 Heart Centered Money Flow Sessions that combine the support of life coaching with the transformative practice of tapping.  (Tapping is also referred to as EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique.)

Custom packages available.  My recommendation is to start with a minimum of 5 sessions to support the release of your specific limiting patterns and go from there.

Sessions are typically around 45 mins-60 mins.

Cost per session:  I do this work on a donation basis and together we will come up with a reasonable exchange amount.

To get started or if you just have some questions set up a Discovery Call on my calendar HERE!