Heal Your Relationship with Food

heal your relationship with foodWe all have everyday human struggles and emotions.

This human journey isn’t easy breazy and it comes with lots of emotional highs and lows.

And we all need (and deserve) healthy outlets for these emotions.

Unfortunately, our culture as a whole doesn’t have the best record for dealing with emotions maturely and in healthy supportive ways.  I don’t need to tell you that we have people addicted to all sorts of things, including food.

Now I’m not saying that you are addicted to food, but I could go as far as saying that you are addicted to using food to ease the struggles, to ease the pain, to soothe the discomfort, that goes along with just being human.

Easing our pain is normal.

Using something external to ease our pain is normal in our culture.

But it doesn’t work.

External bandaids don’t work.  Healing happens internally, so that’s where we need to go to soothe ourselves and to ease our pains and frustrations.

To heal your relationship with food you gotta go inside to discover the underlying cause.

And the underlying cause is not that complicated.

It just takes some self-inquiry to get to the root of your actions.

We can do this together!

As you discover what’s causing you to misuse food, we will use Tapping to release these patterns and to establish new supportive, healthy habits.

Heal Your Relationship with Food is a 30-day program intended to release your patterns around food and around using external sources to ease internal imbalances.

—->The 30 days kicks off with a 1:1 Healing Session with the intention to expose your current patterns when it comes to food and how you deal with everyday life stresses.  Once these patterns are identified, we’ll use Tapping (EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique) to release them and establish healthier, more supportive patterns/habits in their place.

—->To continue the support, each week you’ll have a 30-minute coaching session.  These sessions are intended to reinforce the breaking of your cycles and the establishing of new ways of being with food and handling stresses.

—->Over the course of the 30 days you will keep a Healing Journal that both you and I will have access to.  This keeps a record of your progress and allows us to communicate throughout the whole process.

—->You also have unlimited communication with me via email and messenger.

—->At the end of the 30 days, we will have a Follow-up Session as a way to review your progress and celebrate your successes!

Heal Your Relationship with Food is offered on a donation basis.  I want support to be accessible so at this time I accept monetary energy exchange on a donation basis.  Suggested donation $400.

To get started or if you just have some questions set up a Discovery Call on my calendar HERE!