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Take Beautiful Care of YOU and Your Planet by switching to a more holistic, green lifestyle!

I’m not holistically perfect.  I don’t do everything right for my body and for the Planet all the time.  But as one of my wisest friends says, if everyone does what they can, that is enough!

So I’m bringing more consciousness and intention to the choices I make that affect my body, my family, my community (that’s you!) and my Planet by making BUYING choices that reflect the motto of “Think Green”.

Chemicals are the cause of many, many problems in our health and in our Planet’s health issues.  You would have to be living in a cave to not see the consequences in the overuse of chemicals in this modern world.

To be honest, it causes me great concern and actually makes my stomach and heart ache.  What are WE THINKING?  How did we get convinced that these chemicals were okay in our foods and and our products?

I try not to go down that dark tunnel and instead I focus on WHAT I CAN DO!!!  Which is going greener!

So I invite you, encourage you, urge you (can I force you!??) to up your holistic game with me and make the switch to using products that support the health of your body and your Planet.

Your Choices are Where Your Power Lies.

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essential oilsEssential oils are one of my favorite tools for this holistic, green lifestyle.

I started using oils when my son was in the womb in 2012 because I knew I wanted to expose him to the least amount of chemicals possible.

There are potentially harmful chemicals in some things you would NEVER think chemicals would be in, like baby lotion, toothpaste, deodorant, facial cleanser, soaps, shampoo…the list goes on.

You can use essential oils to replace so many of your common personal care and home products!

(I choose to use the Young Living brand because they are completely chemical free.  You can read about their quality standards HERE.)

I had this epiphany with oils one day in August 2017 that made me start promoting them.

Long story short, my hubby noticed something on our son’s body that was abnormal.  I did a bit of research and confirmed what it was.

I found that the best essential oils for what Carson had was Purification and Tea Tree oil.  I had Purification so I started applying it immediately and ordered Tea Tree oil promptly!

That day I realized that essential oils, these healing plant essences, are something I could really stand behind.

This epiphany really set a ball into motion that I hadn’t seen coming!  From that day I started investing in more oils for my family’s wellness.

And the fun really began when I started using oils in my yoga classes and coaching sessions for deeper spiritual connection and healing.


Now, I share oils on the regular.  I love inhaling them, wearing them and diffusing them throughout my house and yoga space.

Hopefully you’re catching my love, passion and enthusiasm for them!  😉

My appreciation for their healing properties is what hooked me.

I love showing people how essential oils can be a big asset in their “Life Tool Kit”!

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abundant blessings!






“Their fruit will be for food, and their leaves for healing.”  Ezekiel 47:12 (ESV)


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