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I would love to partner with you!

becca-tapert-357496If you have a desire for holistic living or if you are a Yoga Teacher or Holistic Practitioner and you want to impact thousands by sharing your holistic passions, you are in the right place!

If you live on this planet then you are well aware of the critical need for healthier living.

And unfortunately, the average person isn’t yet aware of all potential dangers of typical household and personal care products and processed foods.

It’s up to individuals (Goddesses) like you and me to share how easy it is to be green and all around healthier and dare I say even happier!  😉

It’s not about pressuring people or making people feel wrong for their choices, it’s just simply to share what we know for the greater good of all beings.

Two of my favorite ways to share holistic living and self-care (aka my business!) with people is through Social Media and by hosting self-care classes.

I love sharing my life online with friends and family from all over the country and I love hosting people that live nearby so these ways of sharing my passion naturally fit for me.

When you and I work together we will come up with a strategy for sharing your holistic lifestyle THAT FITS YOU and YOUR STYLE!

I believe that running a business, especially a holistic business, should be fun and let’s be honest if it’s not enjoyable, it’s just not worth doing!!  Life is too precious and short!


Chillin' in my home office.

Chillin’ in my home office.

In my small biz, Divinely Guided, I offer several services and one product line.

The product line I choose to affiliate myself with is Young Living.

Young Living has an extensive line of essential oils, personal care products, green cleaning products, health supplements and even healthy goodies for kids and furry kids.  :)

By associating with a product line it’s one of the ways that you and I can amplify our impact because the more we share, the more we all benefit and the planet benefits.




Still reading?  Awesome!

Let’s talk about working together then.

Here’s what you get when you and I partner up!

`Access to leadership that gives simple strategies for online and offline promotion.

`Products that are easy to share.

`A proven system that you can start right away.  (There’s an amazing book I’ll share with you!)

`A stable company, over 24 years in the making!

`Products you most likely already buy and currently don’t earn income from!  Let’s change that!

`Products that have massive appeal in today’s world.

`A company culture that will increase your confidence.  Holla!  Fun people to partner with!

`A low start-up investment, around $180 and $50-$100ish in monthly products (optional but highly recommended!).

`Me as your sponsor and right hand woman!


set goals

Let’s talk about your goals!

It’s important to know WHAT you want and even more important to know WHY you want it.

I’m ready to hear what you want and why you want.  And I’m ready to partner with you in the journey to creating and receiving it!



JoAnne SchaubImagine what you can create with another Holistic Goddess Entrepreneur on your side!

Let’s Do This!!!

It’s time to chat!  Let’s Get Connected!

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