Essential Oils in Your Yoga Biz

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Let’s get to The Why and The How you can begin using essential oils in your yoga biz!

The Why

Yogis are givers by nature and incorporating essential oils into your classes and private sessions is another level of giving and serving your students.

Essential oils are incredibly healing with hundreds of organic, healing compounds.  When I learned about all the healing properties associated with these plant essences I was hooked.  There are many oils that are specifically for spiritual awareness; I made up a whole list of oils HERE that are perfect for yoga and meditation.

My most popular class I teach quickly became my yoga with essential oils class.  I create a theme for each class, for example, I’ve had classes centered around tuning into a purpose and I’ve had classes focused on chakra balancing and opening.  {There are specific oils suggested for each chakra.  I can share that with you too!}

I also use oils in my private sessions and my students have really appreciated the added touch and benefits!

And for you personally adding a product line, like Young Living’s essential oils, can be an added income stream for your yoga biz.

One of my biggest teaching points with the yoga teachers I mentor is that to have a sustainable yoga biz, meaning a biz that doesn’t burn you out and a biz that actually pays you well, you have to have passive income producing products to share.

The How

The How is rather simple I think.  I diffuse oils during private sessions and classes and I also have students apply them topically during class.

When I have students apply topically I give them a 1 ml bottle (sample-like size) of oil.  I typically put 5 drops in each and give one bottle to each student.

I have students apply them in various places: to their palms, inner wrists, bottoms of feet, temples, back of neck or directly on any body part we are focusing on.  The oils can really be applied anywhere.

Like I stated before, I typically have a theme for the class and use an oil associated with that theme.  Young Living has a whole line of essential oil blends that are lovely for a themed class.  I recently did a class where the theme was body love and acceptance and I had students apply the oil Acceptance throughout the practice, it was quite powerful and beautiful!


And I do charge a bit more for yoga classes with essential oils to cover the cost of supplies.

Getting Started

The easiest way to get started is by contacting me!   Text or call me at 919-896-1770 or set up a time on my calendar HERE.  

I can walk you through signing up and we can talk about your specific goals and tailor this addition to your biz specifically to you!

When you get started on my team, I am here to mentor you along the way so you are really receiving a HUGE value because I have lots of biz experience to share!

And just so you know, you do not have to be an expert in essential oils, you will learn along the way and through your experiences, plus there are infinite resources available to you!

I’m excited to welcome you to Young Living!

Let’s get the fun and growth started!

Om Shanti,







PS…If you wanna little more details before we chat, check out this piece on The Bottom Line.