Ep 1 – Power of Positivity with Holly Finucan

This is how you change your life with the power of positivity!  

Speaking uplifting, affirming words about yourself to yourself has the power to change your life and Holly Finucan has proven it.  

In this episode,  Holly shares how she went from being her own bully to now being her own cheerleader and best friend.  This commitment to imprinting herself with positive, affirming thoughts and feelings has changed her view of herself and her life.  

Holly’s daughter, now 7, has taken on the practice of affirming herself with kind, uplifting words.  Imagine a world where all children are taught how amazing, lovable, kind and generous they are straight from birth.  It’s a world that us conscious parents are aiming for!

Holly has taken her positvity out into the world and is now inspiring women (and men) to believe in themselves because when you believe in yourself anything’s possible!  

With the power of her own positivity Holly has become a leader in the health and wellness company Arbonne, is in the midst of writing a book, and has been asked to speak at an International Womens Day Conference in Canada.  

The power of positivity will inspire you to shine and it will create amazing opportunities in your life.  It certainly has inspired Holly to shine her light!

You can follow her bright spirit on social media at:

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/holly.finucan

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/finucanholly/

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Mega blessings, -joanne

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