Emotional Release + Energy Clearing

Emotions and feelings propel you forward or can hold you back keeping you stuck in cycles that do not support your well-being, your health and your achievements.

Emotional Release allows you to let go of…

  • old beliefs

  • limiting thoughts

  • patterns and cycles you keep repeating

  • fear and anxiety

  • grudges and resentments

Once you release resistant emotions and feelings that do not serve your Best Self, you can move forward with empowered feelings so you can…

  • forgive

  • create

  • be content and happy

  • be free of worry and anxiety

  • achieve your goals with greater ease

  • live healthier

  • and anything else you desire

Emotional Release sessions may include Meridian Tapping and Release, Prayer, Meditation, Talk time, Essential Oil Application and Mantra.

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Time + Money Investment:

Sessions are around 45-60 minutes.

Offered on a donation basis.

Multiple sessions recommended for maximum effectiveness and change!