Dream Building with JoAnne

dream buildingDream Building with JoAnne is the way to live out those big dreams of yours and to experience your deepest heart’s desires!

Your heart’s desires, your big dreams and your soul’s callings are all meant to be FULFILLED!  They have been implanted in you to be realized!

And the TWO BIGGEST BLOCKS that get in the way of allowing your dreams to unfold are:

—–>Lack of Action

—–>Resistant Emotions

By lack of action, I mean aligned, joyful actions you take on a consistent basis that places you in reach of the Universe’s magic.

And by resistant emotions, I mean emotions like; fear, doubt, worry, stress, anxiety, lack of belief, lack of self-trust.  All those emotions are fine to experience; you are human and you came here to feel it all.  You just don’t want to get stuck in the those resistant emotions because that’s how you block the Universe from delivering your dreams and desires.

Dream Building with JoAnne is a 3-6month program intended to bring some high-vibe, forward-moving energy to your dreams, desires and soul’s callings.

—->Jump right in with a deep dive into Dream Building with the intention to dream your biggest dreams and expose resistant emotions blocking your dreams from being realized.  Once your resistant emotions are identified, I’ll guide you use through an Intuitive Tapping session to release the emotional patterns.

—->During the initial Dream Building session you will pinpoint what actions feel joyful and aligned with you and your dream and I’ll help you devise a game plan involving those actions for moving forward.

—->Over the course of the program you will keep a Dream Building Journal that both you and I will have access to.  This keeps a record of all your actions and your Tapping practice.

—–>You will have receive 2 individual coaching sessions with me where we will connect regarding your progress.  During these coaching sessions, we can pinpoint any sticking points so that you can continue to rock out your dream!

—->You will have unlimited communication with me via email and messenger.

—->At the end of the program, we will have a follow-up session with a review of your successes and a game plan with how to continue your momentum going forward!


I want support to be accessible so at this time I accept monetary energy exchange on a sliding scale of $222-$375 per month for the Dream Building Program.

To get started or if you just have some questions set up a FREE Discovery Call on my calendar HERE!