Kick the Chemicals – DIY Holistic Home Care

kick the chemicalsLet’s talk laundry!

I know, it’s not glamorous at all, but it’s part of our lives way more than we’d like to admit.

And while we are on the subject of laundry I may as well remind you of the all the cleaning you do in the bathrooms and the kitchen!

And think about all the chemicals that are used to make everything clean and fresh.

Then think about all the chemical residue in your clothes, on your dishes, pots and pans, on your floors, in your towels…and on and on.

All these chemical cleaning products are supposedly safe.  And yes, maybe on an individual level some exposure to the product is not harmful but think about the compound effect of using all the chemicals day in and day out in your home.

I’m no scientist or environmentalist but just using my common sense, all these chemical-laden products don’t seem like the best idea for my family and my planet.

Oh…and I haven’t even touched on personal care products.

But before I overwhelm you, there is an alternative!

There is a way to clean your home and care for your body with NO chemicals!

kick the chemicalsGet the solution in my Kick the Chemicals — Holistic Home class!

Attend in person or online!

>>>The in-person class is fun and interactive.  I will guide you through making your own laundry soap, fabric softener, dryer sheets and all-purpose cleaner.

Class is held in my kitchen or yours.  Supplies included.  $10 per person.

>>>In the online version I talk about the why and the how and you’ll get the recipes for the laundry soap, fabric softener and all-purpose cleaner.  Plus, the online class is free.  :)

Book a class for your friends today! 

Contact JoAnne at 919-896-1770 or joanne {at}!