Coaching + Holistic Biz Mentoring

—>Do you have a passion for holistic living?

—>Do you lean towards alternative healing modalities?

—>Are you a yoga teacher or holistic practitioner?

—>Would it be cool to grow, heal and impact the world by being authentically you?

—>Would it be a dream to get paid sweetly for living and sharing your holistic lifestyle?


 How sweet would it be if I supported you in all the above?!

If you are like HELLZ YEH, keep on reading babe!

This coaching and mentorship is intended to support you in creating a bigger impact and a sustainable, thriving income from living and sharing your holistic lifestyle!

You’re gonna grow, heal and change the world by being authentically you and I’m gonna show you how!

The whole point is to support you in creating the life of your dreams while you show the world how living holistically is badass!  😉

And bonus…we’ll be having loads of fun growing and working together!

I’ll teach you how to apply Universal Principles to grow, expand and increase your impact, which is exactly what you came here to do, immaright?!

So here’s the dealio…

You’re probably wondering what this costs!

This is easily a $2000+ mentorship package, but I’m gonna coach and mentor you for free when you join my Young Living essential oil team.

If this is the first time you are hearing about Young Living from me, where have ya been?!  lol

I wrote a summary of my journey to becoming addicted (in a good way) to essential oils HERE and why I think you need them in your Life Tool Kit too.

So the investment on your part is the actual essential oils.  Pretty awesome, right?!  It’s really a minimal investment, around $70-130 a month.

For my number’s people, here’s the Bottom Line when it comes to adding essential oils to your holistic lifestyle and biz.

I started using essential oils to support the health of my family.  Then eventually I started using them in my personal yoga practice and that gravitated into me using them in private sessions and classes.

Today, every one of my yoga sessions and classes are infused with essential oils.  The healing properties in essential oils is what sold me on using them in my life and with my students; that’s why I’m such an advocate for sharing them.

life coachingLet’s talk about your goals!

It’s important to know WHAT you want and even more important to know WHY you want it.

I’m ready to hear what you want and why you want.

And I’m ready to partner with you in the journey to creating and receiving it!


If you want to explore this mentorship option, let’s chat!

You can text or call me at 919-896-1770 to set up a time or you can check out my calendar HERE.

I look forward to see what kind of magic we can create together!











Find your joy and let it guide you.