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Imagine This…

dare-to-dream network marketing trainingWorking your Network Marketing Business with passion and excitement because you REALLY are making a difference AND making money!

You are qualifying for trips and incentives!  You are partnered with people that you love to work with and you are having fun!

You are achieving your ideal lifestyle!

It’s Your Time Mama!

Make An Impact & Make Money Online in Your MLM Biz with YOUR Unique, Authentic Approach


A Breakthrough Network Marketing Training System to

Get You More Committed Biz Partners and Loyal Customers Coming To You About Your Offer!

1:1 Private Coaching with me Tailored for You!

This Is For You If….

You are in a network marketing business and want to learn how to draw people to you.

You are in the biz and have exhausted your current family and friends or ya just don’t want to even bother them.

What’s Covered…

>>>Step Into Your Unstoppable Self

For years I did not live into my “unstoppable self” and it kept me from living into my Greatness and Success!  Now it’s your turn to gain the inner confidence to take inspired actions to create success in your business.  It’s time to stop waiting for circumstances to change to get results and to stop thinking there’s something you need to change about yourself to achieve your success.  You are freakin’ perfect, it’s time to bring it out so you can SHINE in your business!  It’s time to gain major belief in yourself with the right tools to move forward confidently!

>>>Brand Yourself & Stand Out in the Crowd

If you are talking to everyone, no one is listening!  Ouch!  Sorry but it’s true.  In network marketing you are taught to tell everyone about your business but guess what not everyone is looking for your product or biz opp.

Together we will create a clear marketing message so your ideal biz partner and customers know you are talking to them and you no longer have to feel like you are annoying your friends and family ever again!  We’re gonna create a clear message that lets the people looking for the SOLUTION you offer FIND YOU!  And we’re gonna establish yourself as a credible leader for that extra boost in confidence to make moves!

>>>Become a Giver of Your Goods

You are the only YOU on this planet and you have gifts and talents that no one else does.  To become the leader it takes to live into your GREATNESS, you’ve got to give it to the people!  There are people right now yearning for what only you can share!  The more you give, the more you receive.  The more value you offer your peeps, the more abundantly Life will reward you!

Your perfect talents and gifts line up with the needs of thousands of people, it’s time they find you!

>>>Make Yourself Visible & Become a Lead Magnet

Once you’ve got your clarity on who you are (amazing!) and who you are talking to it’s time to get your message out there to your people and open up your ability to connect to them anywhere any time.  Basically, we are gonna put the beautiful internet to work for you!

How would you like people COMING TO YOU for your product or biz opportunity!?  What!!  Together we will create a few strategies to generate people coming to you daily!

>>>New School Network Marketing Training

It’s time to bust the stigma with network marketing.  It’s a legit biz and it’s time to work it like one!  When a restaurant owner opens her restaurant she invites all her family and friends but she invests in marketing to her ideal customers and this is what you’ll start doing with your business.  No more selling in a way that makes ya feel sleezy or salesy!

And what do you do when you finally get a customer or biz partner!?  We’ll cover how to train your new biz partners and how to keep close tabs on your customers so they keep returning!

>>>Support a Mama

If I’ve heard it once I’ve heard it a hundred times, “in network marketing you are in business for yourself but never by yourself.”  Ironic though is that most of us feel unsupported by our upline or at least not supported in a way that works for us!  Well, I am your support now and you can lean on me, run ideas by me and finally get the support you need to thrive!

>>>Strategic Planning & Implementation

Hey Mama, you can learn all this awesome stuff I’ll teach you and your business and life will go nowhere until you plan and work your plan!  All through our 1:1 coaching experience you will be implementing what you learn and what you create so that once our time is complete you can move forward boldly and confidently with all the tools you need to kick ass in your business.  Basically, you’ll be living into that Unstoppable Self I know you are!

What’s Included…

Twelve 1:1 Coaching Sessions for 45 minutes each, every week.

Recording of each session so you can review our sessions anytime you want!

Weekly action steps to keep you on track, knowing exactly what to do and also keeping you accountable!


Kickoff Strategy Session to determine where you are and where you wanna be.

Email Summary of each session so you can be present on the call and also get reflective feedback afterwards.

Priority email support.

Three 15-Minute Biz-Saver Calls for those times when you are working on something and you just need quick call to run something by me before you move forward.

Why Work with Me…

Network Marketing TrainingI have so been where you are…frustrated and not getting the results I wanted in my business.

Let me be real, I’ve read tens of books on personal development, listened to a hundred or more audios and nothing changed until I invested in myself and hired a high-end coach.  At the time, I couldn’t afford my coach but I really couldn’t afford not to invest in myself because I had spent years with no results.  I wanted to throw in my entrepreneurial towel so many times but the burning desire to make an impact and make money at it kept me going!

Once I gained the confidence and the tools necessary to thrive, I became unstoppable.  This is where I am today because of my coach and now it’s my turn to pay it forward.

I so deeply care about my fellow mompreneurs and it’s my highest honor to support you in creating a business and lifestyle of your dreams.


Pay in Full amount $3388.  Limited to 20 clients per year.  Payment plan available upon request.

Take the Next Step…

Send me an email at so we can nail down your first coaching session or just have a chat to see if we are a fit!  Woohoo!  Let’s do this!