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Your Desired Manifestation is Happening

I cannot begin to tell you how much frustration I have created inside myself for lack of patience and trust that what I desire, the manifestation I so want, is actually happening.

The path of a conscious co-creative life with the Universe can often from our human side of things look like nothing’s happening or that it’s taking way to freakin’ long!

I have to remind myself, and I remind you, that you are always in the process of a manifestation. You are always in the unfolding.

So what are you supposed to do as your manifestation is unfolding…

–>You can go about living and enjoying the life you are living.

–>You can drop any resistant emotions around your desired manifestation. (I like to use EFT Tapping, journaling, yoga and essential oils to release any negative feeling emotions and energy.)

–>You can take joyful, inspired actions in support of your desire.

–>You can embody the feelings of your desired manifestation. What does having your manifestation feel like? Well, go ahead and feel it now. Don’t deny yourself powerful, positive energy just because you don’t have “it” yet.

The thing about manifesting is that once you receive your desired manifestation another desire pops up and the co-creative process of your life continues.

This cycle is happening for EVERYONE around you all the time. You just happen to be conscious enough to know that manifestation is something you can actively co-create. And that’s awesome for you!

So relax a bit and KNOW your desire is unfolding and your job is to stay in alignment with your desire and to take actions towards it!

It is happening! You wouldn’t have the desire for this manifestation if it weren’t meant to be experienced by you!

Stick with the process! -joanne

PS…If you keep tripping up over manifesting your desire, I can help you get clear. It’s one of my favorite things to help people with! Click HERE to book a free chat with me!

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I like to say fuck a lot

I like to say what the fuck, and fuck that, and shit, and badass, and motherfucker but I will not say the c word.

And I say all of these words with my kids around. Some may say that’s a fucked up parenting style but it works for me and my kids know they are grown up words.

I also like to say Goddess, and the Universe and Source and Divine Nature and my kids hear these words too.

I have decided as a parent to allow my kids to see the real me and to show them it’s okay to express yourself in the ways you find meaningful or even colorful! I have chosen not to hide aspects of myself from my kids and even you.

I’ve also chosen to keep my intimate life between my husband and a few close friends, though, so we won’t be going too far there! lol

What the fuck is my point?

Well what I’m aiming to say is that it’s perfectly okay to express yourself in the way that you want to express yourself. Self-expression sets us apart and also links us together with others who express themselves similarly.

Like, I’m holistic and spiritual as fuck and some people really vibe with that and some people don’t. The people that do vibe with that hire me as their coach, come to my yoga classes and befriend me. The people that don’t just move on and find who they vibe with.

Self-expression is one of the keys to unlocking your most fulfilling life.

If you are hiding behind too many masks you’ll forget who you truly are and then who the fuck knows where you’ll find yourself and what you’ll end up doing with your days.

You came here to express this AMAZING version of you so don’t dim your light. Let your weirdness shine so us other weirdos can find you!!!

Like a beacon of light….I’m here! -joanne

PS…Expressing your most authentic self can be scary if you’ve been holding yourself back. Let’s chat about it, I can help push you over the edge!

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Open up. Connect with Others. Share your story.

I stopped scrolling Facebook because it really wasn’t feeding my NEED for REAL connection.

I feel sooooo much lighter not being on social media as much. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still on the book of faces but I USE it how I WANT and don’t allow myself to get sucked into the scroll.

I’m done with that. And I’ve moved on to connecting with people IN PERSON. Holy fuck, what a concept!

So today I met a guy, Terrell, in line at Old Navy (buying yoga pants…me, not him) and I started talking to him and I we were really vibing. I found out a few details about his life and had a lovely conversation but ended without exchanging information. That’s okay. If we are meant to reconnect the Universe will “randomly” make that happen.

He’s married. I’m married. So it’s not a love interest. It’s a human interest…an innate desire to connect with others who feel like we’re on the same plane. You know what I mean.

I love sharing myself with others because it opens the door for others to share with me AND it helps me see that we are all on a very similar soul journey. We are absolutely in “this” together.

I love cool people.



PS…If you are feeling blocks to opening yourself up for deeper connection and want to release that, hit me up for a FREE discovery call HERE!



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You Have an Incredible Body Sister!

“Help me be a loving ally to this sacred form.”

Body love and acceptance is having an influence on our culture. Yet most of us have spent the majority of our life comparing ourselves negatively to the ideal images we’ve been plastered with.

Airbrushed women without scars, blemishes, crooked teeth, moles, spider veins, dry skin, cellulite, belly fat, wide hips or split ends pose all over our billboards and magazines.

The truth is REAL women (and girls) have some of all the above and personally, I’m done feeling bad about it.

You may think this doesn’t affect you because you do love yourself but it can be a sneaky thought virus.

Just recently, I declared this vision: I intend to look and feel my best and healthiest.

While this sounds like a positive, supportive vision, I found myself not measuring up to becoming this best and healthiest version. Inwardly criticizing my body and myself for having extra body fat. Chastising myself for not having willpower and control. And spending way too much energy not appreciating the body I have.

Yesterday I was out walking and a gush of gratitude came over me as I took each step experiencing my body as a gift.

The gift that my body can do all sorts of things some other bodies yearn to do.

The gift that my body is mine and it’s mine to love on, take care of and to honor through the way that I eat, move, breathe, speak and view myself.

It took this shift in perspective to see the magnificence of my body. I think I’ll change my intention to simply honoring the body I’ve been given and allow my daily choices to reflect that intention.

Nothing to measure up to.

No better or healthier version of me.

Just me, as I am, honoring the body I’ve been blessed to inhabit.

The body that has created two lives and the body that continues to support mine.

I have an incredible body and so do you, my sister.


PS…I enjoy pulling cards and this card is one I pulled within hours of my walk. It’s from the Wild Offering Oracle deck by Tosha Silver. The cards feel like special messages from the Universe. You can get your own deck here.

PPS…If you have some shitty ass blocks keeping you from loving yourself and your body fully, hit me up for a FREE discovery call HERE!



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Co-Creating and Manifesting Guide

“I follow the desires of my heart and let the Divine lead the way!”

One of the leading experts in teaching the law of attraction and manifesting is Abraham.  The teaching is simple:  Ask, Allow and Receive.  Let’s dive a little deeper so you know exactly what these simple steps look like.


1. Get clear on exactly what you want.  The Universe already knows what you want so getting clear is really just for your sake.


2. Agree, accept, see that it is possible.

If what you want seems possible it’s a sure sign it is happening.  

3. Recondition yourself.  Talk it up and FEEL as if!  Feel how you’d feel if you were experiencing the realization of your desire right freaking now.  (Feel what you want to feel every night as you are falling asleep and watch the magic unfold in your waking hours!)

Create 7 mantras, if you want, to remind yourself of being it, having it and loving it.  This is not a mandatory step but it sure does help to keep you centered in the experience of HAVING it already!

  • I am …..
  • I am ….
  • I have …..
  • I have ….
  • I love ….
  • I love….
  • I deserve all of this and more!

4. Release resistance.  

Notice what fears come up in relation to what it is you want and use tapping or journaling (or whatever tool works for you) to release those fears.  


Ask the Universe to show you the how and then take those inspired, joyful actions that you are guided to take.  Taking actions puts you out in the world, interacting with people, so the Universe can work her magic.


Here’s a personal example.  In my life I am ready to receive the next rank in my Young Living business so I put myself through the Co-Creating and Manifesting Steps outlined above.

What I want:  Hitting next rank in Young Living biz.

I agree that this is possible FOR ME!


  • I am on purpose with two of my biggest passions (leading women and holistic living).
  • I am having fun building my tribe.
  • I have hit my next rank and my team is growing.
  • I have what it takes!
  • I love spreading holistic living.
  • I love leading amazing women.
  • I deserve all of this and more!

I am open and receptive to the Universe giving me ideas as to how I can co-create this with her.

Since declaring this desire and going through the manifestation steps, I got an idea that I am following through on!  And I’ll follow that idea all the way through and release the attachment to the idea producing what I want.

The Universe sees a MUCH BIGGER picture than I do so that knowing and trust makes it easier to release my desire for getting what I want.

And as I follow through on this idea and in the co-creation of this manifestation I use tapping to release any fears…like, can I really have it all, can I fulfill this idea/how the Universe gave me, can I really do this, etc.

You get me!  -joanne

PS…If you want support in manifesting, it’s my jam and I love helping people receive what they desire!  Reach out to me for a FREE discovery call HERE and let’s work some magic together!



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Return to Peace, Love & Light

return to peaceI used to be all peace, love and light before I had kids.

I used to meditate and practice yoga, take hour-long walks, and talk with my hubby and my friends without being interrupted.

I used to make green smoothies, have free time, not feel so much guilt, and feel like I somewhat had it together.

And I thought having kids wouldn’t change MY life all that much.


No parent ever told me how DEMANDING the role of mother would be (or if they did I DIDN’T LISTEN)!!!

Maybe we feel guilty for thinking the role is overwhelming and too demanding so we don’t share.  We just say, “it’s all worth it” to justify the craziness we feel so often!

If I could go back in time I would still choose to become a mother to my two lovely, crazy-at-times kids.

Yet what I’ve come to realize for myself is that being a parent brings up the shit that is still left to heal.

Since having kids I have lost a healthy, internal balance and so this is it, my journey and my return to peace, love and light while living with children and a hubby in mainstream America.

I hope you’ll be inspired as I continue to share my journey.  This is my personal experience and not a blanket recommendation for what I think you should do.

My first step in this journey is to bring back meditation to my life.  So, let me get to it, right now!

Ok…I did 4 minutes.  That’s a start.  Now, to do this several times a day!

And here’s the meditation I listened to as I sat in stillness.

abundant blessings, -joanne

PS…If you have kids you might need to meditate too! One of the things I love to do is lead guided meditations. If you want one reach out to me and I can guide you. It will be on me…the first session is always on me and you can set it up HERE!



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Mastermind Your Way To Your Success

Your success comes more quickly when you use the mastermind principle.

And when I say your success, I mean your idea of success. 

I almost dislike using the word success because it connotes the standard ideas in the American culture, but I’d like for you to look at success in the way you define it.  What makes you most joyful and happy?  What gives your life meaning?  That’s my kind of definition of success!

Many successful entrepreneurs use the power of a mastermind to achieve their high levels of success, but you don’t have to be entrepreneurial to use it.

I’ve used it in attracting jobs, travel opportunities and even getting pregnant.

A mastermind is simply an alliance of two or more individuals who come together for a common purpose, idea or goal. 

Creative energy amplified!

And where two or more are gathered creative energy is amplified! 

This amplification of energy is a major benefit found in a mastermind partnership.   

I have used the mastermind principle most successfully in my relationship with my husband.  When we are on the same page with something, meaning that we hold the same intention, whaaalaa!  We manifest so quickly it often blows my mind!

One of the most pivotal times I used the power of the mastermind was when my marriage was in crisis.

I share a bit more about that rocky time period in this post.  It was at this time that I discovered masterminding as a tool for manifesting and change.

I had seen advertised somewhere about a mastermind class series that followed the book Think and Grow Rich.  The description for the mastermind sounded right up my alley so I enrolled.

After many conversations with my hubby about the not-so-awesome status of our marriage, he decided to enroll with me.  In his mind he was taking a step in the direction of keeping us together by being involved in something I was in.  (He was so right!)

Masterminding together was one of the key elements in the healing of our relationship.  During that 8-week mastermind, we decided to quit our full-time, decent paying, stable jobs to go back to the place where we met and worked the summer of 1994, Yellowstone National Park.

2009 me driving cross country to Yellowstone

So in the spring of 2009, we packed up all our belongings, rented out our house and took a long trip across the country eventually to land in our new home for five months, the land of magic, mystery and wilderness, Yellowstone.

We were home and ready to reignite passion in our marriage and our life.  And we did and we are still doing it.  We still mastermind and have monthly “meetings” with each other about what we are focused on creating together and even separately.

For us masterminding together keeps us on track to realizing the adventures and goals we want to experience.

Your mastermind partner or group holds you to your highest. 

They believe in you when you don’t.  It’s a place of accountability and where you are held to what you say you want to be and do!

It’s also a place where ideas are shared that you’ve never considered.  My life has been richly blessed by people’s suggestions in my past mastermind groups.

Give yourself a manifesting boost and employ the power of the mastermind!  You will be forever grateful for the transformation that comes from this amplified energy!

kapow! -joanne


PS…The best mastermind partners have the same goal or vision as you.  It’s mega powerful when you combine energetic forces!  My goal is that you realize your goals so I make a great mastermind partner too!  If you wanna explore that, set yourself up on my online calendar for a FREE discovery call HERE!



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