Chipotle Fajita Plate

This Chipotle Fajita Plate is a staple in my house.  It is one of my favorite meals and I’ve made it several times for friends too.

I got the original recipe from Deliciously Ella but after making it 15+ times I’ve come up with my rendition.

Organic Ingredients:

  • 3 Garlic Cloves
  • 2T Coconut Oil
  • 1T Chipotle Seasoning
  • 1T Smoked Paprika Seasoning
  • 3 Peppers (I like to use 1 ea red, yellow and orange)
  • 1/2 Yellow Onion (or 6-8 spring onions, which I prefer but didn’t have on hand when I made this one!)
  • 2T Coconut Aminos
  • 2T Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1 15oz can Black Beans
  • 4 cups Cauliflower Rice
  • 4-5 handfuls of Baby Spinach


Warm pan to medium heat.

Add coconut oil, minced garlic cloves, paprika and chipotle seasoning.  I give this about 5 minutes to begin cooking garlic.

Add sliced peppers, onions, coconut aminos, and apple cider vinegar.  Cook soften veggies.

While veggies are cooking.  Throw on your frozen cauliflower in a separate pan and warm that up.

Add black beans to veggie mix warm them up.

Once black beans are warm, turn off heat, leave pan on burner, add spinach and cover to allow spinach to steam.

Serve mixed veggies and beans over cauli rice!


Serve it up and share!  😉






My Return to Peace, Love & Light

return to peaceI used to be all peace, love and light before I had 2 kids.

I used to meditate and practice yoga, take hour-long walks, and talk with Dan and my friends without being interrupted.

I used to make green smoothies, have free time, not feel so much guilt, and feel like I somewhat had it together.

And I thought that having kids wouldn’t change MY life all that much.


No parent ever told me how DEMANDING the role of mother would be {or if they did I DIDN’T LISTEN!!}.

Maybe, we feel guilty for thinking the role is overwhelming and too demanding so we don’t share.  We just say, “it’s all worth it” to justify the craziness we feel so often!

If I could go back in time I would still choose to become a mother to my two lovely, crazy-at-times kids.

What I’ve come to realize for myself is that being a parent brings up the shit that is still left to heal.

Since having 2 kids I have lost a healthy, internal balance and so this is it, my journey and my return to peace, love and light while living with children and a hubby in mainstream America.

I hope you’ll be inspired as I continue to share.  This is my personal experience and not a blanket recommendation for what I think you should do.

My first step in this journey is to bring back meditation to my life.  So, let me get to it, right now!

Ok…I did 4 minutes.  That’s a start.  Now, to do this several times a day!

And here’s the meditation I listened to as I sat in stillness.

peace, love and light,








What To Do When Your Business Growth Is Not Fast Enough

business growthAhhh yes, the infamous question of what to do when your business growth isn’t fast enough for your liking!

Well, let’s just say that your business growth will most likely never be “fast enough” for what your mind wants it to be but there are some things you can do!

Here are 5 things to do when you experience a lull in your business growth…

  1. Take your focus off your results and put your focus on your actions.  You can control what actions you take in your business but you cannot fully control your results.
  2. Check your mindset.  If you are wavering in your belief of yourself, your products or your biz opportunity people can pick up on that “vibe” even if they can’t pinpoint it.
  3. Assess how consistent you’ve been in taking action.  Consistency is so often a missing piece to a successful anything.
  4. Take stock in how you feel about the way you are running your business.  So often we get caught up in building our businesses the way others have but the way they did it doesn’t actually fit our authentic style.  If you don’t like the actions you are taking in your business, then stop taking those!  Building a successful network marketing business can be done a hundred or more different ways.  Do what FEELS GOOD to you!  Take actions that are in alignment to how you want to share your business.
  5. Do something fun for yourself.  Getting too serious about life and business growth can actually slow your success.  Good energy and fun energy ATTRACTS business to you!

Comment below!  What’s something fun you could do for yourself today!?

For me…it’s a yoga class or a meal with a friend!













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Video is the BEST Way to Grow Your Network Marketing Business Online

grow your network marketing businessVideo is hands down the best way to grow your network marketing business online today!

It gives your audience a real glimpse into your life and how you can help them.

It also is a FAST way to build a relationship because as people see you on video they begin to connect with you.  And as we all know network marketing is a relationship business!

So I wanted to give you a few tips on how to produce videos that people want to watch.

Tip #1:  Be yourself!  The more real and authentic you can be the more your ideal audience can relate to you.

Tip #2:  Know exactly who you are speaking to.  What one person or type of people are you delivering your message to.  Think of him/her when you deliver your message.

Tip #3:  Know what your audience wants to hear so you can give them the tips they most need.

Tip #4:  Keep your videos short!  Unless you are packing in the value do not go beyond 5 minutes!

Now once you have your video idea and you are ready to deliver keep these next 6 tips in mind!

Tip #5:  Make your introduction of yourself super quick.  No one really cares what you’ve done unless you’ve helped them….sorry.  Say something like, “Hey this is JoAnne, from”

Tip #6:  Ask a question related to the topic you are about to deliver on.  When you ask someone a question their brain perks up and focuses on the topic!  Say something like, “Would you like to know the BEST way to grow your network marketing business online?”

Tip #7:  Tell them what they’ll learn if they keep watching.  Say something like, “In today’s video I am going to share with you the best and easiest way to grow your business online so that you will have the internet working for you 24/7.”

Give your audience a “so that” statement like I did above.  This tells them what kind of results they could potentially expect and why they will want to keep watching!

Tip #8:  Now it’s time to deliver your message.  Give 3-5 points.  Make them impactful but again don’t go on and on.  You still want them to keep watching!

Tips #9:  Tell them the next step.  Point them in a direction that could further benefit them.  Send them to an opt-in gift, tell them to comment, register for a training…you get the point.  You want to keep the relationship developing with the person who’s watching.

Tip #10:  Ask them to share the video with someone who could also benefit from your awesome video!

If you want to grow your business BIG online do videos!   

I’ll see you on camera!  Drop me a link below to one of your vids!












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Stop Prospecting and Start Doing THIS Instead…

Did I really just advise you to Stop Prospecting?

Yes, yes I did!

I want you to stop prospecting and START GIVING VALUE!


Continue all your current marketing efforts but shift your intention from GETTING a new customer or biz partner to GIVING to a person….a real person with hopes and dreams like you.

When you look to GIVE and to SERVE…

  • You will ATTRACT the people into your life that will become your customers and business partners.
  • You establish yourself a RESOURCE for people and not a sales pitch.  If you really want to grow a big team in your biz you must become a teacher.  People will join and buy from someone they feel is an expert and teaching sets you apart as an expert.
  • You will FEEL SO GOOD about yourself!!!  Think about it…every time you give value, give a tip or even just give a smile to someone, the brain’s pleasure center lights up as if you were the recipient of the good deed, not the giver!

If you read my Mindset & Marketing post you’ll remember that I said mindset and marketing are the 2 must-haves to your biz success.  Feeling good is part of a positive mindset that is the foundation for your biz growth.

So in the spirit of GIVING, I have decided to start giving away my EXACT system for my biz growth!

Out of my own network marketing and entrepreneurial experience, I developed a process that works and from that I created a coaching and mentoring program called the New School Network Marketing Success System.

This is what I follow daily in my business to have the confidence to stand out in the network marketing crowd and to draw my perfect biz partners and customers to me!

And now I’m giving you access to what I teach for FREE!

Click HERE to take the training!

I am so excited to GIVE to you and to be of value in the growth of your business!

Let’s grow, give and serve together!











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How I Use Internet Marketing to Build My Network Marketing Business

internet marketingInternet marketing is the WAY to go when it comes to building your network marketing business into the empire you only once dreamed about!

It opens up your network to thousands of people instead of the 200-300 people you personally know.

I personally only know about two hundred people.  Of those two hundred people only a handful are interested in building a home business.

And of those handful not one of them is interested in my network marketing business.  Ouch!

My scenario is probably not much different from yours.

This is why so many people start and end a network marketing business within a few months time period.  They just don’t have the network needed to get momentum going!

With internet marketing your network is literally the world!

Let me share with you how I use internet marketing to build my network marketing business:

  1. I blog.  I love to write and share my bits of wisdom with my fellow network marketers, holistic moms and coaches in business.  Having this blog allows me to connect with you and for you to get an insight into who I am and what I’m about.  Blogs help you create a relationship long after you hit “publish”.
  2. I use video.  In today’s age of video technology you’ve got to jump on the bandwagon or you are gonna be left behind.  Video is the best way for your audience to really get a feel for who you are and whether or not they vibe with you and will eventually refer you or work with you.  I post one video weekly on YouTube.
  3. I post on social media.  I only use Facebook and Instagram.  I think the best thing you can do is find out where your ideal people hang out and be there.  You don’t need to be everywhere online.
  4. I offer a free home biz training for network marketers and holistic home biz wannabes.  Once these folks attend my training they get to choose whether or not they want to learn from me.


Every leader in network marketing will tell you it’s a relationship business and it’s so true!

Even though internet marketing is pure brilliance when it comes to REACHING your ideal customer or biz partner you still need to cultivate a relationship with that person in order for them to truly know, like and trust you.

If you are not sure how to use the internet to build your business, I invite you to start with my training.

Once you get the hang of internet marketing you will not believe how simple and fun it truly is!

Take my free training and let’s make you global!  Don’t be scared!  It’s fun to go big!

You were born for greatness!











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Mindset & Marketing – The 2 Must-Haves For Home Business Success

So you have this amazing home business and now it’s up to you to make it successful.

And my friend, I’m gonna speak real open about this, if you don’t have your mindset right or your marketing clear you are headed down a long road of struggle.

I used to be on that road, so I speak from first-hand experience.

I used to think if I read enough personal development books that somehow in those books I’d find the secret to my personal excellence and success.

I used to think marketing was a complicated system of words that tried to convince people to buy.

What I now know to be true about mindset and marketing has completely shifted my life and my business.

mindset marketingLet’s talk mindset:

I want you to STOP reading all self-development books until you LOVE YOURSELF deeply.  Once you have self-love as a foundation, then (and only then) those books will add immense value to your life.

Loving yourself leads you to accepting yourself.

Accepting yourself leads you to celebrating yourself.

Celebrating yourself leads you to DRAWING YOUR PEOPLE TO YOU!

Ever noticed how happy, energetic people just draw awesome shit into their life.  That’s what self-love creates.

Having a positive mindset does not come affirming all sorts of awesome “I am” statements.  A positive mindset is an outcome from a woman who truly loves, accepts and celebrates herself.

When I began to INTENTIONALLY love myself, my life and my business changed drastically.  I began to have more confidence than ever before and I took actions that I was once scared to take.

Now, let’s talk marketing:

Marketing is simply the way you communicate to your ideal customer or business partner.

When crafting a social media post, a blog post or any kind of communication to your audience you need to pick one person to direct your message to.

The best marketing ads feel a lot more like a conversation with a friend than a sales pitch.

The day of the hard sale is over.  We are too savvy for that!

One of my recent Facebook posts drew some good interaction because it was clearly written to my ideal biz partner, you can check it out here, as an example.

The most important thing I can share with you is to put yourself in your ideal customer or biz partner’s shoes.  What do they need to hear right now?  How you can be a hero to them?

When you keep your focus on how you can serve, your words will communicate your sincerity and people will buy from you and join your team.

But without these 2 Must-Haves you’re forever trying to come up with the next thing that will turn your life and business in the direction you dream and so deserve!

I’d love to help bring your mindset and marketing up to the level where you have customers and biz partners knocking on your door to do business with you!

Watch my free training here and let’s get started!










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Create a Success Strategy for Your Network Marketing Biz

So just last Wednesday I had a major meltdown.  Like the crying and yelling kind.  It was ugly!  lol

That morning I was reminded of the fact that I was thousands of dollars short of my February goal and the end of the month was fast approaching (at the time there were 7 days left).

How was I going to hit my goal?

And if I didn’t hit February’s goal, how was I going to hit my year end goal?

I know…it’s only February, but the mind can be a tricky thing when it gets going on a tangent!

I think it’s important that we stay positive in our life and in business, but I think it’s just as important to feel our emotions, even when they suck.

We’ve got to allow our emotions to MOVE through us instead of getting stuck somewhere in our energy field blocking us from the goodies Life has for us.

Once I felt complete in my meltdown I wanted to feel something different.

I wanted my POWER back!

And this is what I do to stay positive in my network marketing biz even when the results seem to be out of reach…

I go to my Success Strategy.

Success StrategyYou must have something in place that KEEPS YOU MOVING FORWARD!

My success strategy covers both my personal and professional life.

I did a Facebook Live training on it and I’ll include that video here too.

So here it is…my success strategy written out!

Personal Success Strategy:

1. I stay connected to the Inner Me.

So the way that I connect to my inner guidance is by taking a few minutes to meditate, journal, say daily uplifts (affirmations) and write my goals every morning.

And throughout my day I try to stay relaxed and trust Life and practice a lot of deep breathing.

Deep breathing gets me through the entrepreneurial highs and lows and also the highs and lows of being at home with 2 toddlers!

2. I have fun!

It’s so important to ENJOY the journey right?!  I do this by having fun with myself, my hubby, my kids and my friends.

It’s so important to me to nourish these relationships, especially my relationship with my man!

Business Success Strategy:

1. I consult with my Inner Business Guide every day!  

I do this when I journal every morning.  I just take a few minutes to ask for guidance on what actions will best serve my clients, customers and biz partners.

2. I follow my online marketing strategy.

I engage on my favorite social media platforms daily, both personally and professionally and share in a couple Facebook groups.  I blog and shoot a video weekly.  I do a weekly Facebook livestream.  I check-in with my subscribers once a week.  And I run a few Facebook ads weekly.

3. I follow my face-to-face marketing strategy.

I’m a mom so I don’t have tons of time to meet people out but at least one time a week I intentionally go to a mompreneur-type group or host a meetup myself.  And I make time for calls with my clients, customers and biz partners.

And my BIGGEST Success Strategy of all:

My biggest strategy is to TRUST that I am on the right track and to remember that the BIG results I aim for are also aiming for me!

No matter what actions are taken, “right or wrong”, it’s about being in the action that attracts success.

It is Life’s job to work its synchronicities.  My job is to serve you, my peeps!!

And in service to you, if you want to create your own success strategy comment below and let’s tackle it together!

When you have a success strategy in place the feeling of overwhelm takes a back seat in your life and business and that in itself is one helluva reward!

Comment below, let’s connect and work on your success strategy!












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How To Treat Your Home Business Like A REAL Business So It Pays You Like One

home businessI’ve heard it said many times, “Treat your network marketing home business like a real business so that it pays you like one.”

But if you’ve never run a business before you may be left wondering what the heck does that look like.

So I wanted to give you some tips on how to build a home business that pays you well, like really freakin’ well!

How To Treat Your Home Business Like a Real Business:

  1. You must be consistent in your business activities.  Yes, you can take some time off on the weekends or take trips and vacations but you really need to show up and do the work a business requires.
  2. You must have a marketing strategy.  Now many of you may have zero marketing experience but here you are with a home business that REQUIRES you to market it!  Marketing does not have to be overwhelming.  You can have 1-2 simple strategies that can build an online empire.
  3. You’ve got to spend some time on you.  And I’m not just talking about reading a personal development book.  Those are great but action is where life happens, right?!  Do something every day that connects you to the Inner You.  Find some time to deep breathe, journal, take a silent walk, practice yoga….whatever you do that connects you to the Inner You do that daily!  Even if it’s just for 10-15 minutes.  Don’t miss this step because you think it isn’t important.  It’s the MOST important!
  4. Knowing your “why” and purpose is great but knowing your customer’s why will really keep you on track with delivering what THEY NEED!  You see, your business fulfills someone’s need or solves their problem.  So stay focused on your customer, client or biz partner.
  5. Take action every day.  When you are in action Life gets into action and brings you the customers, clients and biz partners that you are here to serve!


When I first started my network marketing business I had zero clue on how to effectively market myself and I just wasn’t the salesy type that could just tell anyone and everyone I met about my business.

This struggle led me to get training in internet marketing which is part of what I now teach my clients and teammates in my New School Network Marketing Success System.

You can grab a seat in the FREE Training I offer, this training is so foundational when it comes to get FASTER RESULTS in your biz!  Click HERE to watch now!

See you in the training!  🙂

joanne home business










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How To Increase Your Confidence So You Can Soar in Your Home Biz

Time To Soar!

Time To Soar!

I want you to really get this…if you do not increase your confidence in yourself your business will suffer.

How can I be so certain?

I lived this for years.  Yikes…I hate admitting that, but it’s the real mamas.

I’m not going to get into my story as to why I wasn’t confident.  I’m sure it’s pretty much the same as yours…we weren’t taught to love ourselves, to celebrate ourselves, to acknowledge our uniqueness, to share our gifts.

Nope.  We were taught to conform, be good and be nice, etc.

Okay, so being nice is not such a bad thing to be taught!

I’m not knocking our parents.

But I will say our culture has left us with a void.  A void that we must fill if we want the life of our dreams, the life our heart yearns to live.  

So what must you fill this void with to increase your confidence?


The very first thing you must do to increase your confidence is to pour love into yourself!

When I started loving myself intentionally my life changed drastically!

My husband and I fell more deeply in love.

My kids behaved better (ha, not really!).  But I could deal with them better!

My business started coming together.

I started to do things in my life that I only enjoyed.  No more doing things just because I thought I would get “x” in return.  I began to do things only because I wanted to in my life and in my business.

I started taking better care of myself by eating a plant-based diet and working out regularly.

I was amazed at what loving myself shifted in my life.

Here’s what I do daily to keep my self-confidence soaring:

  1. I tell myself ‘I love you’ multiple times throughout my day.
  2. I pay attention to my inner dialogue and intentionally speak kindly to myself.
  3. I speak out loud sentences that uplift me.
  4. I write my goals every day.
  5. When I find myself comparing myself negatively I put myself in check and do a round of tapping (EFT) to release any fear or negativity that is arising.
  6.  I eat well and work out.
  7.  I connect with people I love.
  8.  I take steps in the direction of my dreams.

I believe so powerfully that confidence is the foundation of your success that it’s the FIRST STEP in my New School Network Marketing Success System!

If you haven’t watched my New School Home Biz Training yet, start watching now by clicking HERE!

Cheers to greater confidence in yourself!
increase your confidence

My new fave shirt!












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