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Open up. Connect with Others. Share your story.

I stopped scrolling Facebook because it really wasn’t feeding the NEED for REAL connection.

I feel sooooo much lighter not being on social media as much. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still on the book of faces but I USE it how I WANT and don’t allow myself to get sucked into the scroll.

I’m done with that. And I’ve moved on to connecting with people IN PERSON. Holy fuck, what a concept!

So today I met a guy, Terrell, in line at Old Navy (buying yoga pants…me, not him) and I started talking to him and I vibed with him. Found out a few details about him but ended without exchanging information. That’s okay. If we are meant to reconnect the Universe will “randomly” make that happen.

He’s married. I’m married. So it’s not a love interest. It’s a human interest…an innate desire to connect with others who feel like we’re on the same plane. You know what I mean.

I love sharing myself with others because it opens the door for others to share with me AND it helps me see that we are all on a very similar soul journey. We are absolutely in “this” together.

I love cool people.


You Have an Incredible Body Sister!

“Help me be a loving ally to this sacred form.”

Body love and acceptance is having an influence on our culture. Yet most of us have spent the majority of our life comparing ourselves negatively to the ideal images we’ve been plastered with.

Air brushed women without scars, blemishes, crooked teeth, moles, spider veins, dry skin, cellulite, belly fat, wide hips or split ends pose all over our billboards and magazines.

The truth is REAL women (and girls) have some of all the above and personally, I’m done feeling bad about it.

You may think this doesn’t affect you because you do love yourself but it can be a sneaky thought virus.

Just recently, I declared this vision: I intend to look and feel my best and healthiest.

While this sounds like a positive, supportive vision, I found myself not measuring up to becoming this best and healthiest version. Inwardly criticizing my body and myself for having extra body fat. Chastising myself for not having willpower and control. And spending way too much energy not appreciating the body I have.

Yesterday I was out walking and a gush of gratitude came over me as I took each step experiencing my body as a gift.

The gift that my body can do all sorts of things some other bodies yearn to do.

The gift that my body is mine and it’s mine to love on, take care of and to honor through the way that I eat, move, breathe, speak and view myself.

It took this shift in perspective to see the magnificence of my body. I think I’ll change my intention to simply honoring the body I’ve been given and to allow my daily choices to reflect that intention.

Nothing to measure up to.

No better or healthier version of me.

Just me, as I am, honoring the body I’ve been blessed to inhabit.

The body that has created two lives and the body that continues to support mine.

I have an incredible body and so do you, my sister.


PS…I enjoy pulling cards and this card is one I pulled within hours of my walk. It’s from the Wild Offering Oracle deck by Tosha Silver. The cards feel like special messages from the Universe. You can get your own deck here.

Intro to JoAnne + Intuitive Tapping

hey hey!

In case we have yet to meet, hello!  Two of my favorite tools to support transformation and change are Tapping (EFT) and Essential Oils.

Here’s a quick video where I introduce myself, demonstrate Tapping points and share my love for my Young Living essential oils.

eft tappingHere’s a chart of the tapping points from The Tapping Solution.

I highly recommend the book if you are inclined to start tapping on your own.  It’s mega powerful!

Tapping supports you in releasing resistance (fears, doubts, etc.) in relationship with what you desire to create in your life.

Tapping literally taps into your meridian system which interrupts the patterns you’ve been living out and that do not serve you.

I’ve come to my own style through hundreds of tapping sessions with myself and clients.  I call it Intuitive Tapping; what I do is intentionally connect to our Divine Wisdom so that Miraculous Divine Energy can do the work.

Total release and healing can take place in as little as one Tapping session.  Feelin’ it?  You can book a session with me HERE!

essential oils

I started using essential oils for health and wellness and quickly came to fall more in love with them once I began using them for emotional support. (I have kids! Emotional support needed!)

I use oils multiple times a day; diffusing, applying to my body and making my DYI goodies.

I now love supporting people in transitioning to a more holistic lifestyle.

If you wanna become a Young Living member, you can sign up with me HERE.

When you sign up with me, I’m here to support you every step of the way!

abundant blessings, -joanne

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Co-Creating and Manifesting Guide

“I follow the desires of my heart and let the Divine lead the way!”

One of the leading experts in teaching the law of attraction and manifesting is Abraham.  The teaching is simple:  Ask, Allow and Receive.  Let’s dive a little deeper so you know exactly what these simple steps look like.


1. Get clear on exactly what you want.  The Universe already knows what you want so getting clear is really just for your sake.


2. Agree, accept, see that it is possible.

If what you want seems possible it’s a sure sign it is happening.  

3. Recondition yourself.  Talk it up and FEEL as if!  Feel how you’d feel if you were experiencing the realization of your desire right freaking now.  (Feel what you want to feel every night as you are falling asleep and watch the magic unfold in your waking hours!)

Create 7 mantras, if you want, to remind yourself of being it, having it and loving it.  This is not a mandatory step but it sure does help to keep you centered in the experience of HAVING it already!

  • I am …..
  • I am ….
  • I have …..
  • I have ….
  • I love ….
  • I love….
  • I deserve all of this and more!

4. Release resistance.  

Notice what fears come up in relation to what it is you want and use tapping or journaling (or whatever tool works for you) to release those fears.  


Ask the Universe to show you the how and then take those inspired, joyful actions that you are guided to take.  Taking actions puts you out in the world, interacting with people, so the Universe can work her magic.


Here’s a personal example.  In my life I am ready to receive the next rank in my Young Living business so I put myself through the Co-Creating and Manifesting Steps outlined above.

What I want:  Hitting next rank in Young Living biz.

I agree that this is possible FOR ME!


  • I am on purpose with two of my biggest passions (leading women and holistic living).
  • I am having fun building my tribe.
  • I have hit my next rank and my team is growing.
  • I have what it takes!
  • I love spreading holistic living.
  • I love leading amazing women.
  • I deserve all of this and more!

I am open and receptive to the Universe giving me ideas as to how I can co-create this with her.

Since declaring this desire and going through the manifestation steps, I got an idea that I am following through on!  And I’ll follow that idea all the way through and release the attachment to the idea producing what I want.  The Universe sees a MUCH BIGGER picture than I do so that knowing and trust makes it easier to release my desire of getting what I want.

And as I follow through on this idea and in the co-creation of this manifestation I use tapping to release any fears…like, can I really have it all, can I fulfill this idea/how the Universe gave me, can I really do this, etc.  You get me!

Want some support in manifesting what you want?

To get started or if you just have some questions set up a FREE Discovery Call on my calendar HERE!


abundant blessings, -joanne

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My Return to Peace, Love & Light

return to peaceI used to be all peace, love and light before I had 2 kids.

I used to meditate and practice yoga, take hour-long walks, and talk with Dan and my friends without being interrupted.

I used to make green smoothies, have free time, not feel so much guilt, and feel like I somewhat had it together.

And I thought that having kids wouldn’t change MY life all that much.


No parent ever told me how DEMANDING the role of mother would be {or if they did I DIDN’T LISTEN!!}.

Maybe, we feel guilty for thinking the role is overwhelming and too demanding so we don’t share.  We just say, “it’s all worth it” to justify the craziness we feel so often!

If I could go back in time I would still choose to become a mother to my two lovely, crazy-at-times kids.

What I’ve come to realize for myself is that being a parent brings up the shit that is still left to heal.

Since having 2 kids I have lost a healthy, internal balance and so this is it, my journey and my return to peace, love and light while living with children and a hubby in mainstream America.

I hope you’ll be inspired as I continue to share.  This is my personal experience and not a blanket recommendation for what I think you should do.

My first step in this journey is to bring back meditation to my life.  So, let me get to it, right now!

Ok…I did 4 minutes.  That’s a start.  Now, to do this several times a day!

And here’s the meditation I listened to as I sat in stillness.

abundant blessings, -joanne

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