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DIY Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub

My feet are loving this scrub and so are my kid’s feet!

Now that I’m a mama I don’t make the time to get pedicures. Truthfully, I didn’t get that many before I had kids.

Most of the time I’m either barefoot or wearing flip flops so my feet take a beating from all that nakedness!

The kids love the smell of this combo of lime and coconut…who doesn’t like to put the lime in the coconut!?

I could see making this a part of my monthly self-care ritual. My feet still feel soft and smooth and it’s been a couple days.


1 1/2 cups sugar (I used organic, raw cane turbinado sugar so that’s why my scrub is brown)

1/4 cup coconut oil (melted)

1/2 lime squeezed

1/2 lime zested (mix some in the whole batch and leave a pinch for the finishing touch)

10 drops lime essential oil (I use the Young Living brand…organic plants and naturally expressed oil process. Become a member on my team HERE and get wholesale pricing.)

Mix all ingredients and pour into a clean jar for use.

Recommended: use within 3 days or refrigerate for a week.

Let me know how you like it! -joanne

PS…You don’t have to be all DIY to replace your home and personal products with good-for-you ingredients! Let’s talk about it. Get yourself on my calendar HERE!

Your Desired Manifestation is Happening

I cannot begin to tell you how much frustration I have created inside myself for lack of patience and trust that what I desire, the manifestation I so want, is actually happening.

The path of a conscious co-creative life with the Universe can often from our human side of things look like nothing’s happening or that it’s taking way to freakin’ long!

I have to remind myself, and I remind you, that you are always in the process of a manifestation. You are always in the unfolding.

So what are you supposed to do as your manifestation is unfolding…

–>You can go about living and enjoying the life you are living.

–>You can drop any resistant emotions around your desired manifestation. (I like to use EFT Tapping, journaling, yoga and essential oils to release any negative feeling emotions and energy.)

–>You can take joyful, inspired actions in support of your desire.

–>You can embody the feelings of your desired manifestation. What does having your manifestation feel like? Well, go ahead and feel it now. Don’t deny yourself powerful, positive energy just because you don’t have “it” yet.

The thing about manifesting is that once you receive your desired manifestation another desire pops up and the co-creative process of your life continues.

This cycle is happening for EVERYONE around you all the time. You just happen to be conscious enough to know that manifestation is something you can actively co-create. And that’s awesome for you!

So relax a bit and KNOW your desire is unfolding and your job is to stay in alignment with your desire and to take actions towards it!

It is happening! You wouldn’t have the desire for this manifestation if it weren’t meant to be experienced by you!

Stick with the process! -joanne

PS…If you keep tripping up over manifesting your desire, I can help you get clear. It’s one of my favorite things to help people with! Click HERE to book a free chat with me!

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I like to say fuck a lot

I like to say what the fuck, and fuck that, and shit, and badass, and motherfucker but I will not say the c word.

And I say all of these words with my kids around. Some may say that’s a fucked up parenting style but it works for me and my kids know they are grown up words.

I also like to say Goddess, and the Universe and Source and Divine Nature and my kids hear these words too.

I have decided as a parent to allow my kids to see the real me and to show them it’s okay to express yourself in the ways you find meaningful or even colorful! I have chosen not to hide aspects of myself from my kids and even you.

I’ve also chosen to keep my intimate life between my husband and a few close friends, though, so we won’t be going too far there! lol

What the fuck is my point?

Well what I’m aiming to say is that it’s perfectly okay to express yourself in the way that you want to express yourself. Self-expression sets us apart and also links us together with others who express themselves similarly.

Like, I’m holistic and spiritual as fuck and some people really vibe with that and some people don’t. The people that do vibe with that hire me as their coach, come to my yoga classes and befriend me. The people that don’t just move on and find who they vibe with.

Self-expression is one of the keys to unlocking your most fulfilling life.

If you are hiding behind too many masks you’ll forget who you truly are and then who the fuck knows where you’ll find yourself and what you’ll end up doing with your days.

You came here to express this AMAZING version of you so don’t dim your light. Let your weirdness shine so us other weirdos can find you!!!

Like a beacon of light….I’m here! -joanne

PS…Expressing your most authentic self can be scary if you’ve been holding yourself back. Let’s chat about it, I can help push you over the edge!

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How I Discovered Tapping – EFT

Or rather how Tapping found me…

…in crisis facing possible separation from my husband.

August 23, 1997

Dan and I were 13 years into our relationship (10 married) and things had gone south.

I yearned for deeper connection, greater adventure and more shared goals.

I was a non-typical chic living a typical life and I was getting restless!

Life looked decent on the outside but inside was a different story. I felt like I was wasting precious time. I felt like my relationship had gotten into a rut and I couldn’t continue as it was.

“Honey, I think we should get divorced.”

If anyone has ever had to say these words you know the cyclone of emotions that come with it, the doubts, the what if’s and all the fears of an unknown future without the once love of your life.

My hubby’s response was shock.

And because of his great sense of loyalty, love for me and willingness to change he made space for me to see possibility in staying together.

We went on to do three things that pivoted our relationship and life forever.

  1. We read and started applying the Five Love Languages.
  2. We signed ourselves up in a Mastermind class series.
  3. We hired a Spiritual Life Coach and began counseling.

My friend Melanie and I did a whole podcast on the Five Love Languages, check that out here. It’s all about giving and receiving love in ways that suit both partners.

The Mastermind class was an 8 week study and application of Think and Grow Rich lead by a dynamic facilitator who guided us to go for a big dream together (more on that dream over here).

And lastly, our Spiritual Life Coach was the one who helped us peel back the layers and release old patterns with Tapping.

Tapping is a practice that helps release emotional patterns. We all have emotional patterns that we received from the role models in our life and we now operate from these patterns without conscious effort.

The patterns are stored in the subconscious mind; the mind that controls the functions of our body and everything we’ve learned thus far on this life journey.

Think back to when you were learning to drive a car and how much conscious effort it took. Within a few months, driving became second nature and required little conscious effort. That’s how you can now end up driving places and not really remembering all the actions and turns you made to get there.

August 23, 2018

Back to our counseling…our Spiritual Life Coach helped us identify subconscious patterns that were damaging to our relationship.

Once these were identified, we could then release them through tapping. From that clear space we were able to then CHOOSE new ways of being and that eventually became habits (subconscious patterns).

That was in 2007 and since then I’ve used tapping off and on to release what no longer serves me. In 2018 I began using EFT (Tapping) with my coaching clients.

I’ve tapped hundred of times since and use this as one of my main tools for releasing patterns and imprinting new ones with myself and clients.

If you are curious about tapping I’ve made a few tapping sessions, you can check out that video playlist here.

Tapping found me at my lowest and now I use it to be at my highest!

It’s a practice worth exploring for releasing habits and patterns that no longer serve you (or ever did serve you)!  -joanne


PS…I offer 1:1 tapping sessions for releasing patterns, you can check that out here. If you want take it further, book a FREE discovery call with me HERE and you can get a little taste of tapping with me!



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10 Pretty Interesting Facts about Essential Oils

If you ask me, essential oils are essential in every home and wellness routine!

Oh, you didn’t ask?!!  HA! 

Well here’s 10 interesting facts anyway!

—>Essential Oils are the life-force of the plant, the internal juices.  The juices are called the Oleo-Resin-Gum part of the plant (to get technical!).

—>The historical use of essential oils dates back to Egyptian hieroglyphics that were drawn over 5000 years ago.

—>There are 3 way to use oils:

  1. Topically – applying directly to skin
  2. Aromatically – diffusing or inhaling directly from bottle
  3. Internally – oral ingestion when labeled for internal use

—>They support the health of your body functions by passing through your tissues and directly into your cells.  Within 20 minutes of applying one drop of oil, it is in every cell of your body…that’s around 100 trillion cells!

Essential oils work very differently than traditional medications.  They have the ability to enter the cell membrane because their molecules are so tiny, where traditional pharmaceuticals do not have that ability.

—>Oils can be used every day and often.  They are not a one-time fix it remedy.  They should be part of a healthy wellness program.

—>But what about those of you that are sensitive to smell?  Most often what you are sensitive to are synthetic fragrances.  Most products on the market do not contain 100% pure essential oil.

—>Most essential oils for sale today are labeled “pure therapeutic grade” or “100% certified pure”, however there is no actual certification or regulatory agency in the U.S.  The FDA requires that essential oil bottles that contain at least 5% pure essential oil can be labeled pure.

Did you catch that?  Only 5%! Young Living is 100% pure essential oil.

—>Essential oils are extracted from plants through steam distillation, solvent extraction, cold press and CO2 extraction.  Young Living uses the method that is best for the end product, which is low-temperature, little to no-pressure, no-solvent method.

—>Some oils are considered “hot”, which means they feel like they are burning when applied.  To avoid this add a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, to dilute its potency.  Sun exposure is not recommended after use of “hot” oils.

—>Oils are safe for kids, although, it is recommended to dilute essential oils when applying to children  2 and under.

I gathered these facts from “The Essential Oil Truth” by Jen O’Sullivan.

I highly recommend this book!  -joanne


PS…Wanna chat about how you could benefit by using essential oils?  Click HERE to book a spot on my calendar for us to chat, it’s free and it will be fun!



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Enjoy Your Journey Now + Live into Your Dreams

Sometimes on the journey to manifesting your dreams it can be frustrating to not have what it is you want RIGHT NOW! 

The funny thing about dreams and goals is that once you manifest it, another desire pops up and the cycle of manifesting continues.

Your desires are your heart’s guidance, your intuition, letting you know what’s to come and what to put your focus on.  In the manifesting process you don’t have to MAKE anything happen, you just need to take actions that move you in the direction of the realization of your dream.

This tapping session will support you in freeing up the frustration and enjoy the journey of the unfolding of your desire!  -joanne


PS…I’m here to help if you need 1:1 support! Please reach out to me for a FREE discovery call HERE!



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Release Fears of What Others Think with EFT

I noticed someone gave me a thumbs down on this video when I was writing this blog to go along with it.


Negative judgement is one of the top reasons we fear what others think because deep down we all want to feel loved and accepted. 

Unfortunately, love and positivity don’t lead every action each human on this planet takes.

And for those of you putting your message and opinions out to your friends, family or even the internet you have to be ready for the positive and negative feedback.

When you can let go of what others think their opinion, good or bad, doesn’t affect you to the point where your ego feeds off of it or your ego feels destroyed by it.

Use this tapping session to release the fear of what others will say when you say or do what feels right to you.  And remember, others people’s judgments say more about them than they do you.

Let’s tap on it!  -joanne


PS…What you have to say matters and you shouldn’t let fear of what others will think get in the way of you expressing the true you! If you need some help getting to that space, reach out to me for a FREE discovery call HERE!



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Receive Money + Abundance from your Passions

What if you could receive money and abundance for doing work that you love?!

I think it’s your birthright!

And it’s my mission to support you in receiving money and abundance from your passions!

In our culture we’ve been conditioned to believe money is earned through work and not play.  But what if that’s not the way it has to be for you?

What if you could receive money and create the lifestyle you want to live by fulfilling your heart’s desires and expressing your passions?!

In this tapping session, we’re gonna literally tap into that possibility!

Your job is to express yourself and your gifts and talents…make that your work!  -joanne


PS…It’s not up to you to figure out HOW to make your passion profitable, you just need take steps in that direction. If you’d like support and a big cheerleader, reach out for a FREE discovery call HERE!




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Release Anger with Essential Oils + EFT

Feeling angry is okay.

There are times in your life when you should feel angry.

However, getting stuck in anger limits joy you could be experiencing. 

And we all deserve to feel joy!

If you’ve got something going on in your life that you are pissed about then this tapping session will assist you in feeling it fully and then releasing it so that YOU can move forward!

In this session, I’m using Purification essential oil blend by Young Living to assist in releasing anger.  Purification is made up of citronella, rosemary, lemongrass, tea tree, lavandin and myrtle.  It’s intended for purifying your environment but it’s also great for purifying your liver.

In this video I take you through all the emotional points on your body to help release anger with the assistance of essential oils.  Then we’ll move into a tapping session to fully release the anger you are feeling around a specific person or situation.

It’s time to release that shit!  😉 -joanne


PS…We are meant to feel all our emotions, but getting stuck in them is where we do ourselves a big disservice. If you’d like support in releasing anger or any emotion you are carrying and can’t seem to shake on your own, reach out to me for a FREE discovery call HERE!



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Surrender + Let Go of Control

We have power over our thoughts, feelings and the actions we take but we don’t always have power over what shows up in our life.

This tapping session focuses on surrendering and letting go of control when we find ourselves in resistance to what is happening.

Ever find yourself not liking what life is delivering?

Me too!

One other tool I use for emotional release is essential oils.  This tapping session I also use Surrender essential oil blend by Young Living.  It’s made up of lavender, lemon, black spruce, roman chamomile, angelica root, mountain savory and matricaria.  Its aromas help cast off inhibitions that may be controlling your life or limiting your potential.

Let’s use this tapping session to access the space of trust and surrender so we can be more at ease with the unfolding of life as it is.

Surrender supports you in being in the flow of life and you deserve to feel the flow! -joanne


PS…Letting go is a gift you can give yourself!  If you need support, please reach out for a FREE discovery call HERE.



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