JoAnne Schaub

joanne schaubHey!  

I’m JoAnne Schaub, so great to meet you!  

I’m a self-proclaimed Goddess Entrepreneur.

I am in business for the joy of it, for the fun of it, for the impact I can make and yes, for the lifestyle I can create!

I own a small biz called Divinely Guided.  :)

Locally I work as a yoga teacher who helps women and couples overcome the stresses of every day life.

Locally and Globally, I coach and mentor yoga teachers, holistic practitioners, and holistic-minded peeps in how to get paid sweetly for living and sharing their healthy, holistic lifestyle!

I like to keep life simple and I CARE BIG TIME for the health of people and our planet.

And I love empowering you with the tools to love on yourself from the inside out.

Some fun little tidbits about me:

  • I am super spiritual.
  • I believe in Oneness.
  • I have been married to the love of my life since 1997.
  • I have 2 little kiddos, boy and girl.
  • I have a handful of besties.
  • I am 5’9″ and weigh…lol, just kidding!
  • My core values are freedom, fun, family, vitality and making a positive impact.
  • Certified Yoga Teacher, 500-hour level, 2005.
  • Certified Mindset Coach, 2009.

It’s great to meet you my new friend!  Let me know how I can support you in your life.  

I’d love to connect!