The 21st Century Hippie is Holistic!

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The 21st Century Hippie is Holistic!  Back in the 60’s I understand the hippie movement was for peace.

Today the “hippie” movement is for living a sustainable way of life.  I call it holistic, although to some it seems hippie-ish.

I’m finding my way deeper and deeper into this lifestyle.

I’m not sure which habit we changed first but we live smaller, drive smaller, eat real foods, use natural products (well, at least I do…Dan is still stuck on some of his faves) and became minimalists.  We recycle, reuse and re-purpose and have this overall intention to live more consciously.

More consciously in our spirituality, our friendships, our food choices and our environmental impact.

I truly like looking at my lifestyle and seeing where I can make changes that will eventually impact our children and planet.

My friend Trisha, from Elements of Earth, is an inspiration to me.  She has a family of six…4 daughters and a husband and she still finds ways to reduce their consumption and impact.  This Christmas she’s actually forgoing the commercial wrapping paper for newspaper wrapping instead.  She makes her own soap, laundry detergent and who knows what else.  She will tell you she’s not perfect nor do we have to be.

Each of us making better choices creates the impact the Earth needs to sustain itself.  It was made to sustain life and we can do our part by lightening our impact.

What small practice can you begin that will lighten your impact?  What habit can you cultivate that will create a cleaner, healthier environment for your child?

The new habit I’m working on is to buy exclusively pre-owned stuff.  I’m pretty good at it now, but the glitz of new stuff still gets me sometimes!

you make a difference!  -joanne



The picture in this post is from Sustainable Man.  I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing!  Copyrights are serious shit.

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