10 Pretty Interesting Facts about Essential Oils

If you ask me, essential oils are essential in every home and wellness routine!

Oh, you didn’t ask?!!  HA! 

Well here’s 10 interesting facts anyway!

—>Essential Oils are the life-force of the plant, the internal juices.  The juices are called the Oleo-Resin-Gum part of the plant (to get technical!).

—>The historical use of essential oils dates back to Egyptian hieroglyphics that were drawn over 5000 years ago.

—>There are 3 way to use oils:

  1. Topically – applying directly to skin
  2. Aromatically – diffusing or inhaling directly from bottle
  3. Internally – oral ingestion when labeled for internal use

—>They support the health of your body functions by passing through your tissues and directly into your cells.  Within 20 minutes of applying one drop of oil, it is in every cell of your body…that’s around 100 trillion cells!

Essential oils work very differently than traditional medications.  They have the ability to enter the cell membrane because their molecules are so tiny, where traditional pharmaceuticals do not have that ability.

—>Oils can be used every day and often.  They are not a one-time fix it remedy.  They should be part of a healthy wellness program.

—>But what about those of you that are sensitive to smell?  Most often what you are sensitive to are synthetic fragrances.  Most products on the market do not contain 100% pure essential oil.

—>Most essential oils for sale today are labeled “pure therapeutic grade” or “100% certified pure”, however there is no actual certification or regulatory agency in the U.S.  The FDA requires that essential oil bottles that contain at least 5% pure essential oil can be labeled pure.

Did you catch that?  Only 5%! Young Living is 100% pure essential oil.

—>Essential oils are extracted from plants through steam distillation, solvent extraction, cold press and CO2 extraction.  Young Living uses the method that is best for the end product, which is low-temperature, little to no-pressure, no-solvent method.

—>Some oils are considered “hot”, which means they feel like they are burning when applied.  To avoid this add a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, to dilute its potency.  Sun exposure is not recommended after use of “hot” oils.

—>Oils are safe for kids, although, it is recommended to dilute essential oils when applying to children  2 and under.

I gathered these facts from “The Essential Oil Truth” by Jen O’Sullivan.

I highly recommend this book!  -joanne


PS…Wanna chat about how you could benefit by using essential oils?  Click HERE to book a spot on my calendar for us to chat, it’s free and it will be fun!



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