life coachhey, hey, hey!

I wanna know, what lights you up?

How do you wanna make your impact?

What are your purpose and your big dreams?

What kind of life do you want to create for yourself and your family?

hey Goddess, I’m so honored your inner wisdom led you here!

Bottom line, I’m all about supporting you in connecting to what lights you up and living your most fulfilling life!

If you are a badass goddess (and I know you are) who wants to release the blocks that get in the way of creating your most meaningful, fulfilling life, a life that lights you the eff up, a life where you are living the highest and best version of yourself then jump on board and let’s dig in to some dream building together.  I know you have a BIG PURPOSE so let’s get to living it!

If you are a lover of Mother Nature and have a calling to green up your life or share your green lifestyle with others, I’d love to support you in making your impact for Planet Earth.  If we each do what we can, that will be enough to make a big impact for this beautiful planet.  I want to help you up your holistic game!



If we have yet to meet, hello, I’m JoAnne Schaub, just another goddess doing her job to support other goddesses!

Thanks for being here.  I hope you feel a connection!

It’s time to SHINE our Light, to offer greater support to the expansion of conscious living and to raise the level of love, light and kindness in the world!

Enough about me…well, if ya wanna know a bit more, click on over HERE!

So, what does light you up?!










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hey goddess, why ya all the way down here?  Get to connecting with me over HERE!
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