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brigitte-tohm-210081Hello & Namaste,

I’m so honored your Inner Wisdom led you here!

Let me help guide you a bit through my site and share what my small biz, Divinely Guided, offers!

If you live around my funky town of Fuquay and want some relaxation and stress relief, check out my Yoga options.

If you wanna take your holistic game up a level, hop on the essential oil bandwagon!

If you are a heart-centered leader, lightworker, healer, yoga teacher, holistic practitioner (or however you identify your badass self), who wants to get paid super sweetly for fulfilling your soul’s work let’s dig in to some 1:1 coaching together.

Or if you really wanna go deep, partner up with me on my essential oil team and let’s light up the world together!



If we have yet to meet, hello, I’m JoAnne Schaub!

Thank you for being here.  I hope you find just what you are looking for!

My mission is to support you in Shining Your Light, to support the expansion of holistic living and to raise the level of love, light and kindness in the world!

Enough about me…well, if ya wanna know a bit more, click HERE!

Thanks for checking out my small biz, Divinely Guided! 

I look forward to working with you!

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