Welcome to the She Leads the Way community!

JoAnne 1.26.13I am JoAnne Schaub and this community is for YOU, the woman who is harnessing her Inner Power and her voice!

The woman who is ready to let the Inner “She” Lead the Way!

Here are some quick steps to getting started so you can feel right at home here!

Step 1:  Ask yourself, “Are you ready to harness your inner power and your voice?  Are you ready to play life fully?  Are you ready to give yourself credit for how freaking amazing you are!?”

Step 2:  If you said YES to Step 1 then accept the Sacred Invitation and commit to shining your light!  The invitation is to your right.  With the invitation you’ll also be gifted an Inner Guide Meditation to support you in tapping into your Inner Power!

Step 3:  Connect with me and the She Leads the Way community on Facebook!

Step 4:  Read a few blog posts if you feel so inclined.  The posts are categorized to the right.  Pick a category that speaks to you and dig in!

Step 5:  Stay committed to yourself and to this community by interacting.  You can always email, reply to an email I send to you or post on our Facebook page.

Step 6:  Share the Power!  Tell your friends about your commitment to allowing your Inner She lead the way and ask them to get involved.  Support is one of the key elements to staying true to a new course of action.

You Lead the Way! 

Let’s Get Started! 

Accept Your Sacred Invitation Today!