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I’m here to help you connect to yourSelf, break free from limitations and manifest your heart’s desires!

I’ve got this passion for co-creation and manifesting that I’d love to share with you!

I created a Manifesting Mastery video class that breaks my manifesting tips down step by step.

I want you to live the life of your dreams and this Manifesting Mastery class will take you to your next level!

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Coaching Support

—->Having a coach is the shit!  And my favorite thing to do is to help you bust through inner limitations, fears, blocks (whatever you call it) and manifest what lights you up!  I’d love to be part of your journey in co-creating the yearnings of your heart and soul!

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Who is JoAnne?

—->Hey! I’m JoAnne…Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, Energy Worker, Holistic Mama of 2, Wifey of 1 and lover of tacos and dark chocolate!

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Go-Greener with me!

—->I’m on a mission to do my best to support Mother Earth and I’d love for you to join me!  I love Mother Earth and I want to be part of honoring her!  Together we can make a bigger impact for good!

Let’s make a game plan…

What my Tribe has shared about their time with me!

Bruiser is from the US and is an ongoing coaching client of mine!  Here’s what Bruiser wrote on my Facebook Fan Page:

JoAnne is an amazing coach and mentor. She takes a real interest in her clients and guides them to move forward towards their big dreams. Since I have connected with JoAnne, I have gotten clearer on what I want in my life and what I want to release. I definitely recommend connecting and working with JoAnne. 

Joanne from the UK completed a 5-week Coaching and Tapping intensive with me and when I asked her if she would recommend me to a friend, she said:

Most definitely. I felt relaxed and comfortable in our sessions. I felt you had the ability to pick up on the key issues affecting me and work with them in the EFT practical part of the process. You were very natural and professional but with a warmth that made me aware you wanted to help me. You were very insightful and I felt very at ease to be honest with you. There were no feelings of judgement from you in fact I felt your empathy without you going into your story.

Jennifer is from the USA and completed a 30-day Dream Building intensive with me.  Here’s what she shared on my Facebook Fan Page:

Just completed JoAnne’s 30 Day Dream Building Session and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to explore EFT (tapping) sessions. She’s inspirational and she truly cares about her clients! 

Stephanie is a dear friend and from the USA too.  She completed a 30-day Dream Building intensive with me.  Here are her kind words:

JoAnne’s 30 Day Dream Building sessions have altered my life in ways I couldn’t imagine. As a full-time working mom, I didn’t know where or how I’d find the extra time. Time just for me. To do something that sets my soul on fire.

So, with Joanne’s help, I finally did it – I committed to starting a blog! Each day she asked me to take one joyful action toward making that dream a reality. By incorporating EFT (tapping), she helped me release blocks and resistance and access a divine guidance allowing me to share from a heart-centered space. By the end of that 30 days I not only designed my own website but also wrote 10 blog posts!

I highly recommend Dream Building with JoAnne to anyone ready to make a change in their life. Anyone ready to fulfill their dreams and craving a little more of brings you JOY.  

Holly hails from Canada and worked with me to get my EFT practitioner’s certification.  When I asked her what shifted over the course of our work she said:

I feel that I have a lot of my clients coming to me now. Before I had to go out and look for them and now they are coming to me.

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